LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This was useful and constructive feedback

It was very useful for me to be able to know my strength and weaknesses and how to take a positive action on it to be a better employee.

Because it is constructive feed back on where I need to improve on my skills and outlook on things.

i did find this useful because it gave me 6 good points about myself that no one has ever said so this really did show at lot about myself and i’m happy.

Thank you so much for the feedback . I am really grateful for that . I look forward to make myself more better and focus on myself

This was really helpful and actually really spot on! So interesting to see that that was picked up from online questions and answers.

It shows you care about your employees

I like to know where I can improve my skills

It is nice and humbling to hear someone telling you about your character, you get to see from someone else's point of view your strengths and weakness. I get to hold on now to my great areas and improve on not so great.

This was very insightful, thank you :)

The predictions are really good. How it's possible ?😮

Bits of this are very perceptive; but of it I don' really recognise. I think I'm fairly reliable, and am puzzled by the analysis that others may feel I am closed to feedback (I can't remember that ever being the case) or that I'm unpredictable and people may not know which me is 'turning up' (doubt that very much).. but anyway, interesting nonetheless!

Reflecting back now, I truly see who I really am. This has been a experience that I thought I would never complete the application, so glad I did. Thanking you kindly, I needed to do this.

It was pretty much on key with what i think of myself

I am usually not sure about these sort of personality tests but after reading the insights I found my self nodding my head to each point, thinking yep that's me. Especially on the feedback which stated I should practice self compassion, that one hit home. I had to reflect on that as I can be quiet hard on myself. Definitely appreciate this.

Because it gives me positives on myself and what would help me in later life and what will help me if I potentially get the job and this could help me work

It let me know more about myself and understand myself better. It also helped me to understand how to improve.

I must day, I'm impressed. You're interpretations is pretty well spot on. With regards to below - I shop at Bunnings frequently already.

it was fantastic and helpful

Thank you,very positive feedback,very good Tips to help me improve and Learn more, its always good to listen to others to help improve and become better i throughout all aspects of life,many thanks penelope.

It was interesting to read my personality profile. I could agree with most things.

I think that you nailed most of it but insight 3 I found rather odd. I love getting involved a group activity i often get dressed up in all sorts of costumes for fund-raising. And enjoy the work Xmas party and other functions. Im also self employed and own wedding cars so I have to have experience with customers.

It was almost right and interesting to read, thank you

It made me realise my strong points and what I need to work on

Always nice to hear feedback

Hi just in relation to Insight 3, I am not reluctant to participate in teamwork at all, and my productivity is always top of my list! Please don’t let this insight affect any chance I have of getting a job, thank you.

This is brilliant feedback, detailed and provides a view of how your traits and attributes project to the world as well as giving focus points to improve moving forward.

It helps me to identify my weaknesses and strengths. I can also use it for job interviews. Great initiative!!

Getting a feedback of my personality will help me understand how are other people experiencing me from their perspective and get more insight of what is expected from me in terms of behaviour and attitude. and how can I better my input in team.

This was very helpful it taught me what i need to change about myself and learn from.

I now know about few other strengths i did not know i had in me.

It gave me a view of me from someone else and input on what I need to can take onbour d to help in the future

it helps some to be mindful and to keep an open mind with every situation

Thanks it is important to know what you thought but I love the store every time I go in their good result and positive outcome good overall experience.

It's helpful to know what I need to work on to be a better person.

Thanks for your feedback. It is appreciated to receive feedback on a test as as usually we never hear back from those! I read it carefully and took some points with me and work with it!

Firstly I would like to mention that I am really impressed how fast you can explain that and gave me that notes sights, Thank you so much. Secondly I'd like to share with you how found this useful and my answer is I totally agree with your reply and it seems to me like a profitable lesson for the development of my focus and self support. I REALLY LOVE IT.

Made me feel happy and confident

This was extremely useful to reflect on my answers and will be helpful for future interviews

Didn’t realise the online interview was going to be a personality test but I suppose that is pretty much what an interview is, so that is useful to know. Some of your points were very accurate. I hope I am still in the running for the Bunnings job but from your feedback I can’t really tell. Anyway, thank you. Regards, John.

yes, i found it so useful as i can improve by ability to experience new things

Jon Daye

Customer Success Manager, EMEA
Jon Daye

Jon is a customer-obsessed, passionate, creative and skilled leader who joins PredictiveHire as Customer Success Manager in the EMEA region. As a previous client of PredictiveHire, he loved the products so much he just had to join us!

With a wealth of recruitment experience across both in-house and agency at Webhelp and ManpowerGroup, Jon has a deep understanding of the challenges facing recruitment professionals today. Having successfully carved a career implementing both human and technology solutions he is uniquely placed to help our clients recruit better, faster and fairer.

Aside from partnering with his clients, Jon’s passions include improving customer experience, championing workplace diversity & inclusion, and implementing emerging technology solutions.

Living in Scotland, Jon has a love of the outdoors and recharges his batteries walking his dog whilst also sampling the amazing food and drink on offer across the country. He is a keen follower of rugby union and former player for a local team who participated in the world championships of LGBT inclusive rugby in 2018 which he fondly remembers as one of the best


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