LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I find it very useful because all the point stated described how I perform or behave when im on duty. It also made me aware of how important my opinion may be, therefore I need to always voice it out.

The insights summed me up pretty well

I found this useful, as I think majority of it was true.

It was great to get unbiased feedback from an outside source. It has given me some great insights and tips for effectively using my strengths, while showing me areas that I need to work on. Much appreciated!

This is very interesting. Thank you

Its the 1st time in my career that anyone has diagnosed my actions after answering a questionnaire about myself. I found it very interesting and believe in all the below. Kind Regards Sandy

It's great to have feedback!

This has massively helped me because I then can see my strengths and weaknesses and to show myself what am capable of.

This was very useful and I believe accurate. thanks.

It also boost my confidence in knowing myself even more. I’m now going take it and put it into practice☺️.

i found this useful as it shows my qualities

In depth knowledge about my personality was made known and can be used as a pivotal point for my growth. :)

Insight 1: I am open to new ideas and technology. so this has represented me incorrectly. Insight 2: this is correct mostly, However, I do try to gain all relevant information before I make my move. Insight 3: totally incorrect as I enjoy being amongst people whether that be familiar faces or a new crowd. I actually enjoy meeting new people and the bigger the group the better. Insight 4: this is mainly correct Insight 5: Yes, my passion and energy are always positive and people that work with me can feel this. However, Being Unpredictable or inconsistent is wrong as I am always thoughtful and mindful of what is happening around me and I am always open to feedback and opinions as I think of this as healthy criticism in order to better one's self. Insight 6: this is mainly correct, and I do not retain negative problems or attitudes within. as I am open and prefer to release such situations from my thoughts so I do not get weighed down and prefer to keep a clear mind. thanks

It will help to know what type of personality i am!

This is a great way to have perspective of who you are. Not everyone can handle the truth, however I find this to be a teaching tool and I am a fan. It is pretty consistent of who I thought I was before the interview.

It's useful to me because it taught me how to handle some situations in creative, professional and how quickly to do so.i have learned to be open when dealing with problems differently

Wow, that seems pretty scarcely accurate for what seems like an automated response. I found the tips helpful and will be sure to use it in future relative situations

I happy have learnt something new of myself in my strengths and more about myself how I can use it in the recruitment process.

It is good to know that my personality is private and reserved. most the time i thought I am a very friendly and easy going :)

I found it aspiring I do try and observe how others do things and try to input those methods which I find useful into the job that I'm doing to be more proficient.

I found the coaching tips very informative and have to say that this is a very good version of my personality profile.

I find it pretty accurate the result, it has given me something to think about.

These insights were useful to read in gaining an insight into how my responses are seen by other people and how people read me. I didn't agree on all insights as I am not particularly a quiet person but one who has a voice once confident and skilled in my area of work. I like to be busy at all times and to be challenged if necessary. I will use these insights and actions to help me in my job applications in the future.

I feel this is really useful for me it will take me the next level of my strength.

I think a lot was useful, I would disagree regarding my ability to take feedback but there's only so much info you can gather from 7 questions

It's a great insight to note how we all interact with othe

this gave me a greater insight into my personality and how this works within the workplace and how this affects my coworkers but also the way in which i do my job

I’m very grateful for hearing these insights and feedback. I’m going to take this all into consideration when ever it’s needed.

Thank you firstly, this is quite am insight and mostly true id have to say...

Because you have put me in a nice light the way I see myself

I found the feedback provided to me very useful, I know myself very well so I definitely agree with this information. I especially agree with the last insight, I need to look out for myself sometimes and showcase my skills and talents at times so that people can see what exactly I have to offer and so that I can be more valued. Instead of being. Modest and humble all the time, people will begin to think I have nothing to offer if I don't do this. Very insightful thank you.

Appreciate your tips. It will help for my self growth.

It was almost true of me and yes I don't really like the limelight

It's always good to get feedback I can take praise or criticism it's nice to see yourself on paper!!

Thankyou sooo much, I'm feeling quite confident that i can be apart of your team. Kind regards Kim

Yes it was very useful and inspiration to learn and grow

It was really helpful and positive to see insights into me personally but from a professional point of view. I particularly liked the coaching tip, its given me confidence to know that I can be a bit more open and opinionated and it won't be seen negatively.

Very interesting. Basically I feel that I would be a wonderful candidate for this position.

Thank you for your coaching tips! There is always room for improvement!much appreciated

It's an interesting way to give insight into our actions as workers and as people in general.

Lukasz Owczarek

Head of Customer Success
Lukasz Owczarek

Having started his career in Talent Acquisition, Lukasz has a deep understanding of optimal TA operations and how it can add the greatest level of value to a business. The last few years have seen Lukasz expand his experience in a consulting capacity, both in Human Capital and in technology enablement and change.

What has driven Lukasz to the Customer Success space is how it ultimately helps customers realise the value of technology; in particular how it improves results and makes life easier for everyone. His passion is to challenge the status quo and help bring customers on the journey of technologically enabled change. He believes there is a significant opportunity in TA to better leverage data and AI to improve decision making and enable functions to focus on what matters most to them.

Lukasz holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Melbourne Business School.


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