Matthew Malter Cohen

Strategic Advisor
Matthew Malter Cohen

Matthew Malter Cohen, Strategic Advisor

Matthew Malter Cohen, MA, PhD, is a People Analytics leader with expertise in productizing assessment methods. He led Product as employee #1 at pymetrics and spent the last five years growing their efforts to match talent to opportunity in a bias-free manner. Matthew completed his dissertation at Weill Cornell Medical College, utilizing behavioral & neuroimaging techniques in humans and behavioral & genetic work in mice to investigate potential early causes of anxious & avoidant behaviors. Matthew holds a PhD from Weill Cornell, an MA from Teacher’s College, Columbia, and a BS from Carnegie Mellon. Matthew has been an invited speaker & panelist at conferences ranging from SIOP to People Analytics London, as well as giving talks at MIT and Carnegie Mellon. He balances entrepreneurship and a passion for rock climbing with being a husband and father to two awesome boys, Joshua and Aiden.


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