LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this information useful because I am then able to grow. Receiving this information, will enable me to learn and exercise new skills in my personal daily interactions with others.

It helped me find out what I need to work on and what are my good traits


I found it very interesting to see someone's perspective of me, I do aspire to be a leader so will definitely take it under advisement, thank you.

My oline interview went really well , my first time doin an online interview it actually is a brilliant way to do it

It helped me to know what I need to do to have my opinion heard and what I need to do to become a better version of myself and become more powerful.

Thanks for the feedback! at least now i know what i’m capable of and what i’m lacking, keep doing the great work guys!

As I was a senior manager when on management meetings I was very vocal in relaying issues that were quite challenging , however as the group I work for had no compromise one would work to achieve in a round about way without crossing the line , add this to I did actually work in one of the most corrupt countries to maintain Corporate standards one had to be very diplomatic , I may have tone down the questionnaire to suit what I believed was the position requirement. You where correct that I do enjoy social contact assisting people client and team members alike. You are correct that I do like to please and perform to the best of my ability and I do enjoy learning everyday

Very helpful made me realise I do need to make time for myself also

The coaching tip is well received. It’s important to receive this information so that I can be more aware of my needs and a valuable work colleague and friend to others.

Firstly can I thank you for sharing this feedback.I feel it is a fair reflection on who I am and how I have been perceived by previous work colleagues.Can take on board the conclusion points at the end.

Because i got a positive feedback and also i can now tell what are my strengths and weaknesses.

The insights were really awesome to read. Mostly observations I already knew but very good to hear it from someone else. I enjoyed reading this and it is such a helpful tool.


This analysis is near spot on, I find it extremely great full that it points out my flaws, and offers solutions to fix them

It was great knowing my personality results. It boosted my confidence and also gave a brief idea on the areas I have to work and improve myself. Thank you!

I found this useful to reflect on what others see me as, I am hard working and like to explore different possibilities in life.

it will help me understand my place in the working environment, what is conducive to growth , and how to navigate different personalities in the worklplace

It has given me a chance to reflect on my personality and what I should keep up and what to improve

I found this useful as It can help me have a growth mind set

This was brilliant and very unexpected to be honest. In fact I personally would say it is one of the more accurate personality tests I've taken and it gave very constructive and concise feedback

Thanks for the reply and report Quiet interesting and pretty accurate

It's useful because I know everything what I need to know at work

I found this useful

I also found it very encouraging as I’ve been quite selective with job applications. Thank you

Reading this about my self is a eye opener as I haven’t seems words to describe me like that before it was very heart warming to know.

it is great to see feedback and know where to improve my skills and behaviour.

Great way of screening

It makes me think wider and have more interest on customer service

Yes just about spot on

It’s always enlightening to know how you can improve yourself and learning about the positives of your personality also contributes to you striving to be even more better. Everywhere I go I will now know how to work on my weaknesses and embrace my strengths

Yes I did, I think it is great that you can take my answers and make an accurate profile of myself, it was very close to the person I am, and will be very helpful with personal growth in the future. Thankyou Graham.

It’s made me realise what other people think of me and what strengths and weaknesses they have in vision of me, so thank you!

It gives me a clear indication what am capable of as a young lady as well as to what I can do and achieve in life

Wow this is very helpful I’m thankful for the insight and I’ll take this in account I’m grateful for the honest feed back and the educated counsel

i found this very useful as i enjoy feedback

I found this very interesting because of how true it seems and how well it describes me and also gives me good insight and ideas on how to be more open and independent so thank you

this was pretty good insight and it confirmed my own self evaluation i have done over the years thank you

It was fun and interesting experience, accurate description and advice, thanks a lot.

Thank you for this feedback! It was useful as it highlighted my strengths, which would help me with future applications if need be. The coaching tip also provided me with some more actions that I could consider in a tricky situation.

Wow! I believe that the insights shared back to me are very accurate. Thank you.

This is exactly right about me, I will take on board the coaching tips, thank you.

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