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(May 2019)

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3 reasons why Australia’s most trusted brands are trusting PredictiveHire

*The Roy Morgan Net Trust Score measures the most trusted brands across Australia each year. Our customers are amongst the top.

#1. Candidates LOVE it!

And that’s critical when candidates are also your customers.

Promote trust in your application process by giving every candidate the opportunity to attend an automated interview.

Mobile-first candidate experience. No intimidating psych tests. No games. No videos costing more time and adding bias. Just a meaningful conversation with the best candidates for your roles, done in under 30 minutes.

#2. It’s way quicker

And that’s critical when time to hire impacts on your business.

Promote trust in your recruitment processes by delivering talent fast.

If you are hiring 50 people a year you are spending over 200 hours or 25 days a year on a process that may not even get you the best talent!

Reduce that time suck by 90% and hire better talent by using a proven shortlisting tool right at the outset.

#3. It’s a fair way to select talent

Because everyone deserves an equal opportunity at the role.

Promote trust in your employer brand by having a recruitment process that treats everyone the same.

Humans are inscrutable. And biased. Hiring on what's in a CV is a recipe for biased hiring when it leads to women and minorities being at a 50 percent to 67 percent disadvantage.

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