Hung Lee tackles hiring pain during the pandemic

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When you’re receiving 10,000 plus applicants a week, how can a HR team interview them all without bias, and provide feedback in a timely manner?

Easy. Jeff Uden, Head of Talent at Iceland Foods, did it in hours.

In this webinar hosted by Hung Lee, from Recruiting Brainfood we heard first-hand just how on earth Iceland Foods made it happen – transforming hiring during a pandemic with innovative Interview Automation into his existing ATS, Kallidus. The solution was ready to go-live in 6 weeks and the results were brilliant.

Results: Over 600k interviews, over 11k successfully hired, 99% candidate satisfaction 🚀

The panel:

  • Jeff Uden, Head of Talent, Iceland Foods
  • Barb Hyman, CEO, PredictiveHire
  • Gordon McQuoid, Product Lead, Kallidus ATS






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