LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this very useful as it’s gave me an insight of my actions and how it can be put into words

A great reflection on what you can improved. It was quite accurate.

It is very enlightening, raw descriptions about one’s personality l, great advice , useful key points thank you

Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

Very useful

Because it's giving insights of understanding my weakness and strength better.

Very inspirational

Overall I agree with your Insights. My only reservation would be the conclusion drawn in Insight Number 3. I would say that one is only about 50% accurate for how I see myself. Would be interesting to know what data resulted in that particular insight.

This feedback was super helpful! I now know a few areas in which I can improve to be a better person to work with.

I feel more confident. Thank you

I found this useful because it will allow me to reflect on what I need to improve within myself. When applying for other jobs in the past they didn’t give me any feedback and I like that Iceland did.

It helps me to know more about my personality

I thought that given there weren't a lot of questions, the site was limited in the amount of accurate judgement it could make. For example, I am not a "confidante" that is "energetic"

yes of course this is usefull because we learnt so many things from small things happend in daily life

I think the results are a pretty accurate assessment of my personality

It's made more confident as a person & its made me feel like i have a chance to progress in my career & future

It was a very accurate and described me very well, I could use this to help me with future job interviews and also filling out application forms.

I found this useful because it tells me my strengths and what I am good at

This was useful as I now have a goal to work towards while knowing my strengths

Wow! that's a lot like how I see myself. The insights made me feel good. So positive and balanced.

Unlike most other jobs I have applied for and interviews which I have gone for, this is the first feedback I have received and I highly appreciate it as now I know how and where I can improve.

Thank you for your feedback Appreciate the insights about myself Grateful for coaching tips will help to achieve my goals Regards Silvana

This is amazingly accurate. Thank you!

It helps with my confidence in sharing my views and speaking of my achievements in life and be proud of it

I’m always open to interpretation of an opinion but I have to say I love a social work life and feel I have gotten on with my peers and colleagues well in recent jobs

made me realise more about myself and able to understand my own personality traits at a greater depth.

I found this useful as it gave me a clear understanding of the way in which others perceive me and my personality

I found this useful because I got to know how you think of me and I also got tips on how to act.

Many thanks, I will take on board your advice and aim to assert myself that little bit more.Thanks again for your comments

I found this very useful because it’s always good have an insight to what other people think of you. Thankyou Heidi Gee

It made me smile!! It had me down to a “T” the insights. It made me remember who I was/am; what my place was in an big organisation.

It was great to read about the values and expectations of the company. This also helped me to confirm whether I was a suitable candidate for the role.

I found it very imformative and very allso gives me points where I think I can improve.thank you.

Thankyou for your time , feedback and coaching tips. I found your analysis of my personality interesting. I do have alot of energy and focus on doing the very best job I can possibly do. I like to lead however never want to hurt or lower someone elses self-esteem. I will take your tips on voicing my options and giving constructive feedback in the work place.

I would agree that 90% of my result is correct

Yes Opportunity to work on me 😀

Amazing insight & very accurate. I do wish to add, being in retail for a long time, I am so aware just how important Customer service is & I have experienced this in action at Bunnings on my recent visits to stores.

Found this useful because it gave me an insight into my character and what I need to build on

Thank you for that, very interesting and I could relate to all 6 insights. I do however feel if I am to be honest, that I do speak my mind if I have a valid opinion. I think it helps in creating a proactive environment. Thanks again, I enjoyed the experience.

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Personality. What makes you the way you are

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