LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you for your feedback. All feedback is positive and its great you have taken the time to give me mine.

I found this useful because it gives me an overview of my attitude and personality towards work and I know were to improve.

As I answered the questions honestly I'm relieved to read that the program's overview of my personally is pretty much spot on. It's interesting to see that it extrapolated that I'm social but enjoy my own down time and that I like to stand up for what I believe in. When it comes down to a program deciding the essence of my character at least with your system I'm comforted that it is a fair representation of me.

I liked the way it was worded. Makes you think to back yourself 100% and be confident with your decision.

I found this experience very helpful and was lovely to see how I come across to others.

This was very useful as I was able to see what others think of my personality and who I am am personally from my own experience.

I think this was very interesting to read. I would consider it to be an accurate summary of my personality and I easily recognised myself in the analysis. It was surprising that I gave some much information about myself in so few words.


Hi I found the on-line interview very useful, it pointed out that whilst we all think that we are doing a good job, we can become complacent, in this ever changing environment we need to be able to change the way we speak to others and the things we do very quickly, I'm a great believer in not shouting at peers to get things done as I did in the first 10 years of management, although sometimes you really do need to get tough but only in a controlled environment. Thanks Bob

It’s useful however there was no information about if I was successful in the interview

Thanks for the feed back , now i have an idea of what i need to work on to be better.

I found this very useful, as a meter of fact this is the true me, especially when you said that I don’t rush to make decisions, because I have to visualise first and then execute. Once again thank you for the feedback, it will help me along the way.

Firstly I would like to thank you for pointing out my strengths and weaknesses . I found this extremely useful as it pointed out all of my shortfalls. I will now work hard on rectifying all of my flaws and paying attention to my fellow teammates opinions . Thanks once again.

It's an amazing method to recognize people's characteristics. Thank you

Most of the insights about me are true and I love the Coach tip for action, thank you again!

It is a good tool for personal reflection.

I found this useful

I found this useful because it helps me learn more about myself

Just to see how others see me and possible changes I can make to be the best person I can

It has shown me how to improve myself

I found this useful Because it’s always good to see what others think about you just in case your doing something that was mistaken by someone and you can clear it up plus this was fairly accurate

Very useful and helpful

It's really good to know opinions from others and learn from it

I found it interesting and in some areas accurate I will reflect on workplace situations to gauge if this can be helpful in future similar situations

I really appreciate feedback, especially constructive comments that may reveal something I need to work on, to achieve improvement when it comes to my personal and work life. Great Experience overall whether I achieve the employment on this occasion or not.

It has helped me to understand how to explain my strengths to a potential employer but the reflection also reminded me that people can be overwhelmed easily and to be aware of this response.

I fount this really interesting and pretty spot on. There were just a couple of things that were a little different to how I would describe myself but they were positives and I think I can take from them and use them to motivate me to behave more spontaneously.

I felt it was spot on with my personality 😃

Fantastic, great and quick feedback report. I have started reading your articles on: The science behind Predictive Hire. You never get to read these articles, unless you apply for specific roles. Great work guys, keep it...Love to read more...Have a great day & safe times n weekend ahead...Kind Regards.

Thank you for your feedback it was helpful to be mindful to listed further and not over share thoughts.

This has shown me what I should Improve

All the insights given were true in their sense. The coaching tips were knowledgeable, their implementation will help in a new working environment.

The insight was very useful to me to see what others see from my actions this was a great oppertunity to answer some questions that are normally not ask in a job interview

I love that I got advice that I can apply to my daily life

My actions were very useful and I will take these on board. Many thanks

Results are pretty close to my personality, well done!!

yes, it reflects my personalities

Very interesting, the results were quite accurate.

it shows where i can improve to be better

I found this very useful because This would help me in not only in creating a better work environment but also helps my everyday functioning with people socializing in life.

Very interesting to have your responses calculated into personality traits. From these online interviews it’s great to have your answers analysed and then given feed back.

I don’t agree with the comments. I have been a Supervisor for years, I don’t take the reply from the outcome of the interview very good, I have always been there for my staff, I always listen to them and any new ideas they bring to the board, like I said in my comments, I have always dangled the carrot with my staff, It must say something, that I Supervised the same department for all these years

It was interesting to see how other people see me and I will use your positive advice

This was very useful to see how others see me and to also understand where I can make improvements.

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11 Essential Things to Know About Employee Turnover – Infographic

BY Team PredictiveHire


Do you know how much employee turnover costs your organisation? And how much you could save by improving your retention?

Only 28% of organisations can answer ‘Yes’ to these two questions!

For everyone else, it’s a daunting dilemma that’s often swept under the carpet. But that’s obviously not going to solve the problem.

If you really want to do something about your turnover issue, the first step is to fully understand it.

So, we have highlighted the 11 essential things you need to know about employee turnover in this handy infographic!

All the facts in the infographic are hand-picked from our white paper ‘Employee Turnover: The hidden cost crippling business’.

The paper explores virtually every aspect of turnover, including the best metrics to monitor, costs to include when you calculate your turnover costs, and how to go about combating the issue before it gets out of hand.

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