LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It has made me aware of my strengths that i was not much aware of.

Your insights helped me to know about the hidden factors of my personality. Thank you very much for that

I found it useful because it made me realise that nobody can really judge you completely from what you write down. Only maybe honesty and compassion. But I am so much more than your guessing. I'm funny, whitty, eccentric, honest and more than willing to listen, learn, adjust and sympathise with anyone in my life. People matter! I put others before myself and share unconditionally. I am mature and serious when I need to be, but I will always strive to have fun.

Thank you, this does support previous profiles I have had presented to me during job hunting so I'm feeling this does appear accurate.

That was very inspiring to read and it makes me want to better myself and be kind to everyone around me.

I found that very useful because it helps me do if I get an interview or another interview assignment like this.

Most of the insights about me are true and I love the Coach tip for action, thank you again!

This helped me understand my strengths and areas I need to improve on and also ways to improve them.

It let me self reflect who I am as a person and what areas I need to improve on.

This is amazing, perfectly summed up my qualities. Very useful tool, both professionally and personally.

I appreciate the feedback and agree with your assessment. I hope to have a real interview for a job soon.

I find it useful because it helps me to know more about myself, and it builds me as a person

This was very helpful . I have learned new things about myself that never knew.

I found it very useful because I got advice that I never thought will be a need ...and I also found it useful because I learned some of the strings characteristics about myself that I did not know was of importance

It was very refreshing to receive some sort of, any, feedback. The email was positive and the advice was, pracical, relevant and timely. Thank you

This is uncanny! I don't know how you gathered such accurate information about my personality from my responses. Well done :) This will be a valuable tool for me to use as part of my job applications. Job advertisements often ask you to "demonstrate" that you get on well with others, that you're a team player and that you get the job done. I've often have difficulty with these types of questions as I don't know how to accurately "demonstrate" those behaviours in words rather than actions. Your analysis provides me a tool that I can use together with my written responses, to demonstrate these skills. Thank you so very much for making it available to me.

It is always interesting how a set of responses to a questionnaire like this one are analysed. I enjoyed reading the feedback, although I believe the comment in Insight 3 about me being reserved and that it takes a long time to get to know me are not really correct. I will say that it is true that I do try to keep my private life separate from your work life, however, I am not a reluctant participant in social events at work as is suggested. I love social interaction.

I am interested in being the best version of me. Exploring this advice was an interesting add on to an application form.

Many thanks for the feedback - absolutely spot on !

thank you for the insights of my personality/questionnaire. this does help me in so many ways, to reflect on this it tells me what i can do better as a worker, and what i can do better in certain situations, your feedback helps me take view from your position and it really is an eye opener, i have never been the best at interviews, i do get really nervous but thank you.

It is insightful and useful feedback that I can take onboard to stimulate my Personal Character and Professional Outlook Development as I look forward to the next challenge in my career path.

The advice that you are giving me is very valuable and I am always looking at better ways of communicating with my team whether that be football or employment.

I found this useful because it reassures me of things I think about myself

It was a good insight into myself.

Thank you, feedback is always beneficial and appreciated. It gives insight into how I may be perceived in various situations, and enables personal growth. Many thanks for your time, Judy Young

This helps me identify my strengths and weaknesses. This is good because it shows me what I need to work on or continue to do and achieve.

The feedback was great, useful and insighful. I sure will take on what was said and improve .

A Great insight to see how others view me. I am very happy with the comments. Thanks

I love this. No interview has ever presented my personality before and it is useful to me, knowing my strengths and possible weaknesses. Thank you.

Thanks for that I will take any advice that give and appreciate your comments.

Wow. This is me to a tee. Whenever I won our monthly award I never wanted a fuss for myself. I preferred to focus on the team rather than my achievements. Marie

Thank you so much for the insight! It was fantastic constructive criticism and was generally quite accurate and will help me immensely in the future. Thank you for taking the time to review my interview!

Thanks for the insight this does sound like me and has also given me something to work towards to improve overall.

it's always good to get feedback so you can improve and make changes that will help you in the future

It's very insightful, as yo what can be picked up from questions asked and the way a person answers them. You get to learn and see yourself from a different perspective, you get a chance to evaluate yourself and try to make changes as time goes on, you basically learn the good and the bad about yourself.

I found each insight to be correct and having a coaching tip really helps me learn more about how I can be more proactive and confident within the workplace and my social life

This was useful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and also what qualities can help me progress in the workplace

Yes it is useful, feedback such as this makes you aware of how others view you, which can improve the way you interact with peers and also make you more attractive to prospective employers.

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