LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Yes thank you for the feedback. I am actually a very social person at work and also outside of work. I will definently use the feedback to improve myself.

I was amazed at the outcome. And yes I do need to take credit where or when it’s due and not hand it over to others a lot of the time

You explained things about me which were accurate and showed what I can improve on/be aware of.

Hi team, thanks for your email and feedback as I had worked for such a long time with one employer. I have rarely been in a situation where these types of questions have been asked of me. I am happy with the results and it was very satisfying that the results confirmed to me that is how I feel I generally are.

That was really impressive that is all described me perfectly

This was good to read as it gave me a good insight to myself

Really good feedback and I appreciate it

The insights were pretty accurate!

Thank you for the insights into my personality profile. The coaching tip is great and I will always try to improve on myself and build on my strengths so any feedback is welcome. Thank you Riley

I like to hear constructive criticism to see where I can improve to make me a better and stronger employee.

just good feed back

It was very useful to know my traits

I found this very helpful as it tells me my strengths and weakness as well as how to improve!

It helped me reflect on my self more thank you so much.

This was useful becaus it was an accurate representation of my personality and caristics.

It so useful because if someone know me more and explain how I am is beneficial and trustful.

It helps me know more about me

It was interesting and it gave me useful tips to improve which I enjoyed.

I find reading your comments to be very helpful thanks

i found this quite helpful and gave me another perspective of myself

Was not asked the coaching tip question and do see myself as a very compassionate person Some answers very helpful others I did not feel suited my personality type I am all for team players and always seek a congenial and happy workplace

This review did expose some of my weaker points, I certainly need to work harder on my ability to operate in a leadership role individually.

I found this very interesting on so little words how we can come across and yes found it useful on so many levels.thank for the experience and look forward to hearing from you denise Mcleod

Thanks for your profiling, but I think it's dispprortionate for the position I am applying for although it made me aware of the value of team work and team building, for employers to rank this as an essential attribute for prospective employees.

Thank you for sharing the feedback I always find it beneficial to my growth to view how others perceive me

Thank you for my feedback. Feedback is very important to me I am always looking to improve my skills and take everything that was said on board.

In some ways this may be describing me but I always take other team members views on board I am sociable approachable and confident, I am not afraid to ask for help with a situation and will always work well. I am considerate and honest and reliable I am a team player and get on with well with most people. I’m not pushy or inconsiderate of people’s views or opinions I am a hard worker and not afraid to get my hands dirty I’m helpful and will give my job commitment.

It gives positive thoughts

This is definitely who u am and what am all about, I couldn't of said it any better than that

Hi there. Pretty good insight. Very interesting process and one that I like.

its always good to get insight from other people to better improve yourself

it is great to see feedback and know where to improve my skills and behaviour.

It helps me, to know my weakness, and improve myself to be a person with a scarce skills that companies need.

Yes,I found it useful. Because it kind of summarise my personality. It also make things easier for me to know what can I work on in my personality. For example insight 3 I was not realy agreeing with it. That's possible that I am in denial of my personality in that area. It prepares me for work place and interview as well. Thank you

This information showed me that bunnings management cares about emloyees opinions sound like a great place to work i was told once that being a female in the Automotive industry was not ideal i proved them wrong by being myself and striving to do the job properly

It helps me to know more about my personality

I found it useful because it allowed me to really reflect on my past and see where i could of done things differently in order to improve my outcome.

I found this useful because it opened up another pathway of self-reflection and to better myself as a person.

It was good to see how others can gain an insight into my personality and how some of the statements are quite spot on

It is very interesting and useful to know what your responses reflect about you. If this information is utilised the interviewee would be able to find a job that suits them best.

I have found this very useful because it has taught me a lot about my personality and my traits.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I feel that my answers to the interview may not reflect the leadership qualities which I have, so I would be interested to know how I could have answered better. I certainly disagree with the conclusion of 'Insight 1' - "This may come at the expense of accuracy and quality of work." I have always maintained, within my approach to workplace harmony and building relationships, that completing work, in a timely manner and to the highest standard is a priority, and, that raising the standard of output for the whole team, or organisation should be a direct outcome of developing harmonious teams. I believe that a communicative and trusting team environment, is the best platform to be able to encourage one another to always strive for better results and outcomes. Have a great day. I look forward to furthering the interview process. Kind regards, Craig

This was very helpful as I can see my strengths and weaknesses !!!

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