LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I enjoyed the police feedback

It is helpful in a way that I can see how others see me too. In addition to that, it also includes some of the things that I should do and what are the things that I should look out for. It clearly shows how my personality works well with other people too, and how easy am I going to improve myself furthermore because there is a clear guideline that I could use both in a vertical and horizontal approach to relationships while helping to achieve the main goal of the company as a whole.

The feedback was very useful because of it I get to know my areas where I lack and need to work upon. Thank you

I found this useful because hearing my insights have made me more self aware of my strengths and where I need to improve

I have the distinct impression that working for Iceland boosts my community spirit and making friends.

This was really useful as i have never been explored like this which has made me more prepared for interview

Wow, I loved this. It describes me perfectly. Well done!

it helped me discover other attributes i did not think i have. and it will assist me in improving where neccessary.

Good discription and advice Cheers

I found this source useful because this feedback helps me to review and work on what my weaknesses are which now makes me a lot more confident as I know what to improve on.

I really appreciate this aspect of the application process as I always struggle with what to say when it comes to my strengths or describing my personality! The only thing I was slightly confused about was saying I could possibly be unpredictable - that couldn't be further from the truth! All in all, I think it's great.

I found the insights into my personality, fairly accurate but more importantly I can see areas in which I would like to improve. Thank you.

this was really useful as it helped explain my personality better than i could have

It helps me to understand what I need to be more confident in and improve on.

I’m very interested in the results, some I agree and some are border line, over the years of work I have learnt not worry about what people think of me. I’m there to work and to help the people around me.

I found the profile interview quite informative, Helping me recognise my weaker points and build my confidence for future employment Opportunities

Your comments reveal that l should instead of agreeing too much actions of others, is that it's ok to say No sometimes. This can been quite profound. Was not expected on a Saturday morning :) Thanks

I appreciate the feedback, but didnt agree with the part where I dont let my opinion be heard, I surely do. the rest of it was good.

it was interesting and very enjoyable

This clearly described who I'm

It was a really true insight into myself and was amazed how accurate it was

I appreciate all the positive insights you have found and reflected upon me. As for the coaching tips I will strongly take this advice in the future and definitely start adhering to it. This is useful to me because I appreciate bringing these posture changes accordingly into my life. Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your recruitment process as it is responsive leaving the applicant feeling updated as some job applications don't even send a confirmation that you've applied.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it but just wanted to mention that I don't fully agree with some of the insights.

It made me happy to think I have more skills then I thought i did .

It helps give a deeper insight into your abilities in a work environment.

Absolutely Awesome, I feel you know me well 😊

Reading this about my self is a eye opener as I haven’t seems words to describe me like that before it was very heart warming to know.

It was like watching myself in the mirror. Captivating.

It described me perfectly I was quite shocked reading that in a good way!

I found the insights were, upon reflection, close to the mark. The coaching tips were equally insightful. Having been through (and survived) two major business restructures, I found the coaching tips to be accurate. Definitely the tip re work of a competitive nature is valid and worthy of consideration.

It helps me realise what jobs I would be good for as it points out my strengths but it also gives me constructive criticism.

Very useful as it enlightens one with self.

Thank you I havent looked for a job in a while and it's good to have feedback on promoting my skills

Very interesting and yoys have hit the head on the nail thankyou make me think about a couple if things

it is always good to self reflect and i appreciated the positive tone in which it was presented

I found the information provided very interesting and useful.thank you

I liked the coaching tips. The insights were also helpful.

Useful because it was mostly true and helps me to keep on my self-improvement path!

Helped me know my strengths and what to work on

Simple and straight foreward

Thank you for your feedback. Great to receive advice on areas that I can improve.

I always love to learn new things either it's about me or others. So thanks for sharing the information about me. It's better to learn about yourself as well

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  • It’s possible to give personalised feedback to every job applicant

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

It’s possible to give personalised feedback to every job applicant

BY Team PredictiveHire


A major AI-based experiment has proved it’s possible to give personalised feedback to every job applicant, solving one of the biggest complaints about the recruitment process.

Over a six-month period, PredictiveHire gave personalised, same-day feedback to 250,000 candidates after each completed a text-based interview using its AI platform, says CEO Barbara Hyman.

The candidates ranged in age from 16 to 80 and included people from non-English speaking and Indigenous backgrounds. The feedback highlighted their strengths, as well as tips on areas for development.

The outcome, Hyman tells Shortlist, is that 99% of candidate reported satisfaction with their interview experience; 70% said they were more likely to recommend the company as an employer of choice; and 95% reported they loved receiving their feedback and “found it empowering, constructive and ‘scarily accurate'”.

Recruiters using PredictiveHire gain insights into each candidate’s personality, communication skills, and the quality of their response to behavioural interview questions, such as ‘tell us about a time you had to solve a difficult problem’.

PredictiveHire realised candidates would benefit from receiving some form of feedback and insight into their traits as well, and so it began rolling this out 15 months ago. The feature has since won a UK-based candidate experience award.

The feedback specifically does not include information about whether the candidate is a good fit for the role, “because that’s not our job – that’s the client’s job”, Hyman says.

For AI to be trusted, she says, the candidate needs to trust it, and so the candidate needs to get something out of it – including “the ability to understand themselves”.

Candidate experience isn’t simply an automatic email that says, “thanks, we’ve had lots of applicants, but we may not get back to you”, Hyman says.

Rather, a good candidate experience is “when everybody gets something out of it”.

“There really isn’t any excuse now for ghosting. And the feedback that companies give when they do it through humans is not that constructive. Getting a phone call saying you’re not a great culture fit – what’s that telling you? That’s a big cop-out.”


Employers’ fears allayed

When PredictiveHire first deployed the candidate feedback feature, its clients were initially too scared to use it, says Hyman.

“They thought that if you give candidates feedback, you’ll risk a whole lot of candidates calling up and asking, ‘why didn’t I get the job?’ or candidates would disagree with it and it would undermine their trust in the process, and that might diminish their employer brand,” she explains.

But these fears proved unfounded when recruiters started reading the responses candidates were invited to give about their feedback, which included whether they agreed with the feedback and whether they would recommend the organisation as an employer or retailer (most of PredictiveHire’s clients are consumer brands).

“The fact we were able to show to clients what candidates thought about it really disrupted that fear… and killed the notion feedback is a ‘risk’.

“In fact, what candidates feel is feedback is a gift, and that gift is really playing out in terms of employer brand,” says Hyman.

Reference: Shortlist 2020 |

Shortlist is a subscription news service that keeps recruitment agency and in-house talent acquisition professionals informed about all the crucial developments in their sector.


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