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Yes and thank you. Though it does not reflect me, it has made me see how others perceive me. In regards to your reply - About me Foremost, I do not need credit. It is not who I am. The one thing that kills the spirit is the EGO. I have learnt to let go of the need for approval/recognition. Please don't regard that as a weakness. I see it as strength. There is immense peace in letting go of the 'self'. I take care and respect myself, but that comes from knowing who I am. Being authentic. Loving myself in a compassionate way. Knowing I am loved. I have also come to understand people's reactions are a reflection of themselves. For me it's about understanding what the team/person is experiencing to create that reaction and am I able support them. My energy comes from seeing others grow to become the best version of themselves. I believe a genuine leader walks alongside the team. When answering your question, (next time I sit in the leader's chair), I will once more observe. If required, I will guide the team. This positions me in the 'frontroom' at all times. I am able to be truly present without having to control anything. I am able to lean in if needed. It empowers, develops confidence and most of all it motivates the team. How does it make me feel you ask. This is not about me. It doesn't need to be. I don't need to 'feel' anything. It's about a conversation/topic and what is the agenda (be it direction/information etc.) The great thing for me is knowing I have a choice. I can walk away, reflect, learn and move forward. So to conclude, perhaps I need to rethink the way I reply to these questionnaires. I would really like to know how this sort of profiling is done and how they come up with these insights?

First of all, I like the prediction way Iceland is doing, agree with most of insight, but dont agree with insight 3. On the contrary I am not like the person thinking to work for my own but I would be more happy to go with the team and also would be more happy to help others. This approach for judging people, what I feel, is not goid

This was really helpful

How wonderful, to see me and my achievements through your eyes, i think we all tend to just get on with our jobs, i certainly recognise myself, and yes i should probably say no more often

This was a great summary of myself that I might not have thought of.

I am not always comfortable in highlighting my strengths and this was a good reminder of them.

This will make me know how the wold looks like and how most of us think some think positively some don't this has made me know how to be positive

I'm wondering if this makes me successful for an interview

I found it useful as It showed my strengths, and what I can further improve upon to be the best version of myself

Very interesting comments, thanks for the review.

I think you were right on the mark with nearly everything. I will try to take your advice and be open to listening uncritically to myself. The one area I wouldn't agree with "You may aspire for social status or material gain more than others. " This may have been one of my insights 10 years ago when I was climbing the ladder of a teaching career, however, I have now found the value in my family and family life as the driving force. Time, time and as much time with my family is the main motivator, to get 2 teenagers through senior schooling.

I feel more confident. Thank you

Thank you for your insights. I found the information helpful ... food for thought .

Thank you. I found this extremely useful. It's nice to receive responses as you've outlined as it re-affirms to me that my performance generally has been up to speed and thought-worthy of others. Unfortunately when you get to the older age bracket these comments aren't generally presented in the manner you have. Thank you again.

The feedback helped me gain improved understanding of myself and my approach to work.

The personality results gave me a very clear idea of what type of person I am which allowed me to understand what my strengths and weaknesses are exactly.

it was interesting and very enjoyable

I need to trust myself and my opinions a little more and speak up in case I have important ideas that will help others. I need to build my confidence, which is why a first job would help that.

It was very useful because it shows how my answers are translated by a specialist.

I found this information useful,it is important to know that there are people who can notice your personality.I am so grateful that you say beautiful words about me thanks alot.

Well it showed me that it’s never to late to learn new ways of doing things in different ways and new ways.and that I will always have respect for others thank you for your time Brendalee

The insights were up to the mark and I really enjoyed knowing what you came out with after the interview. You hardly get why you were rejected/hired by our recruiter. I am really happy to have gotten such good feedback.

You really described who I am in everything. This was useful and very much more about myself

this first i am looking for a job to give me test feedback and let me to know my self better so I can improve and know which they should keep. Thank you so much this way in better science way to help future employees and peolpe who is looking for a job

I found this insight very interesting and also quite apt. It's often difficult to predict how we are perceived by others ,I felt good about your assumptions. Thank you

I find it very useful because now i know which skills i need to focus on and how i can build/maintain good relationship with people both in work places and socially.

Currently studying for a Customer Service qualification helps to know what I need to improve

I really appreciate the feedback. It's pretty accurate and tactfully written. I will try to use the advice in the future. Thank you

A respectful overview with its intended attributes for achieving a position of which I'm now aware of to improve my performance in the future.

None of what I just read is me I’m afraid, what I just read is very much opposite. I’m a caring person who cares for people very much and I like to voice my opinion and not shy away, I love to try new things because that way I’m more able to make myself a better person

I found this useful for myself however it shows me how amazing the company is and the work enviroment will be the best for me.

It was very useful to see a review about myself. My strengths and weaknesses as such which I will be working on and improving

Very insightful and I found it to be correct. Amazing that this was gained from just a few question and answers!

It’s has explained me almost perfectly, acutely scary! It’s nice to have a bit of insight it’s not always easy to see how others view you and can help me progress how I act around people and undertake tasks.

I find very useful because it is important for my employer to know more about me even though we have not met in person and everything that has been said about me is very true and also the advice that I got is really helpful.

This review did expose some of my weaker points, I certainly need to work harder on my ability to operate in a leadership role individually.

it really helps me to make my confident level high

I think it's pretty much accurate. However, I am always thriving for change where ever needed to keep growing successfully

I found the insights rather interesting and thank you for sending it through, it is appreciated. The algorithm is quit impressive but I feel it did skew off somewhat with my profile. In many of the questions I ran out of space and could not give a truly complete answer and as such I feel it has led to a deviation in my personal profile. In some cases it did hit on my personal traits but I feel it undersold them with the wording utilised. I found Insight 4 to be the most divergent. The line in particular is "which may lead you to agree with others to gain acceptance or achieve social harmony." I feel it is more or a case I prefer harmony in the workplace as any does but I will always give my 2 cents worth when I feel sufficiently qualified to voice a solid and definitive solution or hypothesis. I also wish to add my contribution to a solution for the good of all in a workplace.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Did unconscious bias cost these recruiters £3m?

BY Team PredictiveHire


A story from a recruiter

I spent 13 years working as an agency recruitment consultant but my customer-facing jobs started a lot sooner – at the age of 12, collecting monthly charity raffle contributions for the local hospital. Paper rounds and retail jobs through school were followed by contact centres and bar work at uni, where I first learned about recruitment. It just seemed to fit with my previous experiences as well as my mindset so I figured that’s what I’d do when I graduated.

Actually, that’s a lie. It’s what I decided to do once I’d graduated and decided I hated the idea of being an employee number within a grad scheme but knew it was about time to lock in a career.

I remember my first round of recruitment interviews – I just couldn’t understand why recruiters didn’t understand that when I said “this is what I want to do” i really meant it. I explained I’d done my research. I knew that if I worked harder, longer and smarter than my competitors I would find the best candidates, I’d place them and I’d be rewarded for doing my job

But I just couldn’t get past those infernal recruitment industry group balloon debates/assessment days of the early 2000s that principally involved a white male in his early 20s talking more loudly than the rest despite not really having any substance to his bellowing. I couldn’t understand why Timmy from Surrey’s slightly shouty, verging on passive-aggressive bullying tone always got him progressed to the next stage while the more insightful, reflective comments from others around the table went unnoticed?

I persevered nonetheless and I eventually joined a recruitment process that involved one-on-one interviews followed by a group presentation from the MD. No fake debates, no pitting people against each other – just truth and honesty from the company owner.

I called my recruiter as I walked out the door to tell him I really wanted to work there. And I did, for 8 years.

Now I wonder how much more quickly I could have found a job if those balloon debating sessions had instead been replaced by a tool that helped the recruiters understand my propensity to succeed within recruitment, leveraging my personality and behaviours, my competitive nature, my desire and drive to succeed and then the recruiters combined that with my demonstrable passion for technology…

I’m pretty confident I articulated them during my interviews and backed up my answers with my life experience (at the ripe age of 22!). Alongside my early start in the world of work, I was in the first team for all sports for my entirety of senior school (I even gave Fives ago but it really wasn’t for me). I started played the piano at 4, violin at 7 and self-taught the saxophone as a teenager. I’m a classical pianist (seeing as you didn’t really ask, Shostakovich’s 2nd piano concerto with the school orchestra was my proudest musical moment) and finally I graduated with a 2:1 from a Redbrick University.

An outstanding childhood? No, I don’t think so. But I know I was well above the average for a candidate applying for a graduate recruitment career. I know there was enough about my school and working history to show my commitment to learning, dedication to working hard individually and collectively and displaying a consistent understanding of work = reward. And until those recruitment interviews I had a 100% interview to job-offer ratio. An so I wonder,

how many of those companies said “no” to me because they weren’t aware of their biases?

Well, those biases cost them the very thing they all said recruiters they should care about: money.
Despite starting my career in 2002, joining a global market still recovering from the dot com crash, 9/11, the Enron / WorldCom bankruptcies and working through a recession and a global financial crash, I generated nearly £3m in revenues for my first employer over 8 years.

And look, I get it. There were no AI crystal balls back then. Recruiters had to make judgement calls on candidates without the benefit of technology tools to guide them towards the right talent. But I wonder how many of those money-hungry agencies would have paid more attention to candidates like me if a recruitment tool had helped them look beyond their biases and told them I was an applicant worthy of closer attention?

My guess is pretty much all of them.

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