LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you for your feedback on how it works with me and would also keep in mind the tips given to me by you.

Thankyou so much for that information, I found it useful, because it gave me an insight of what I’m in for. I am very excited.

I really love this as supports me with my growth and development and I will be build this in to my goals Keep all ticked

I find the feedback that was given great! It helped me to understand my strengths in a little more detail.

It is always good to get feedback whether you agree or disagree to make you a better person and candidate

It tells the individual what personality he/she has and gives the awareness if there's a need to develop or to improve.

Learn new things everyday which is nice to know

spot on. I really enjoyed reading it and it was amazing. great feedback.

To tell me what I can improve on next time and let me know what I done well without filling out these assessments

I know what may hold me back and what I should improve if I am to work there.

It teaches you about why should you help other people and value them as you do to yourself

It is always interesting how a set of responses to a questionnaire like this one are analysed. I enjoyed reading the feedback, although I believe the comment in Insight 3 about me being reserved and that it takes a long time to get to know me are not really correct. I will say that it is true that I do try to keep my private life separate from your work life, however, I am not a reluctant participant in social events at work as is suggested. I love social interaction.

I enjoyed the process but I found the Personality Results to not accurately reflect my answers

This information told me what i knew already and expanded on it in deepth and how others may see me which is always nice to see.

Wow, I think it totally summed me up and thanks for the tips.

It makes me think wider and have more interest on customer service

It was a rather mindful response, it has put a clear point of view that is easy to understand.

This was very useful as it was correct with most things about me, but also made it clear how i could be an even better worker, this type of interview and feedback is very effective and helpful towards me!

Well it sound like me! I can now reflect on how I can alter my behaviour in given sitations

Wow, spot on. I do need to practice more self-compassion.

Thank you. This is incredibly useful and allows me to see me as others do. Thank you too for the reflection point and I will certainly take it on board.

I found this really beneficial to me and I am happy to say that I am now voicing my opinion more clearly and confidently.

Absolutely, it’s always beneficial to hear others perspectives, & when it’s with regard to yourself it can be very insightful.. we don’t always see what others do about ourselves. Life is a continual learning & it helps us to improve & become the best person we can be both in work & our personal lives.

The results I received has made me look into my self and try to lnow my strength and weakness and become a better person. I also found the results helpful

This was very useful as I get a different perspective of how I come across.

I found this extremely helpful, it tells me how to grow as a person. I also like that you picked out both my strengths an weakness.

I am so great full for this critic as it doesn’t hinder what I have been doing but makes me want to do even better the next time. Every curve is a learning curve.


I found this extremely useful as it gave me an idea on what i should work on to improve my work ethic.

I found the whole experience very useful because I can learn from feedback

I didn’t. None of them sounded anything like me and what I’m like.

I loved this so much it was great to hear back!!!

I found useful because I know where my strength is and I know what to work on .

Thank you for my personality profile it was pretty spot on, which is a little spooky, but very interesting.

This is exactly how i would describe myself. Its 100% true

The feed back is very informative and does sound like my character and some of tje feed back l have already implemeted in life and career and have seen progress

Very interesting, and all suprisingly very accurate. Ots nice to hear it pit so well.

Very positive and correct information about my personality

yes this is a very good insight I would only disagree with 1 thing that is I am very meticulous in everything I do thank you

I feel you described me exactly how I see myself, service over self would definitely be my moto. And really do need to work on saying No! Thank you for your service :)

I like reading comments, they look at and explain things in a different way than I see them.

A perspective of myself that can be appreciated!

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Is ‘personalised work’ the post-COVID-19 reality?

BY Team PredictiveHire


Once the novelty of working from home wears off, and for many it already has, comes the challenge of maintaining connection, building affiliation and building cultures.

The jewel of Australia’s tech sector, Atlassian, has been lauded for giving staff the privilege of working from home forever. But when I posted the story on our team Slack channel, I added a comment warning of the longer-term impact of “remote forever”.

One of our senior team members replied: “Why do people travel in the morning to an office, in a packed tram/train carrying a laptop, then work on that laptop only to carry it back home in a packed train, wasting precious time? That looked comical to me for a long time.”

When I worked for another technology company, we spent a lot of energy trying to convince leadership that WFH did not mean a free ride and would, in fact, unleash productivity and improve engagement. COVID-19 has brought forward the idea of WFH as an alternative arrangement for many who would not have otherwise considered it.

While we may be revelling in the success of dismantling the long-held bias that you need to see someone at work to trust they are doing the work, it comes with its own challenges around organisational relevance.

Does it matter what company you work for if the only difference between one job and another is for whom you are completing a task, and perhaps the one or two people with whom you work closely?

Work is a relationship, and relationships thrive on intimate and frequent connections.

When we all worked in offices, some of that intimacy was built by the serendipity of conversations you had while going about your day’s work.

There was always the potential to catch someone from outside your team and share an idea and solicit a different perspective. There was an ease of connections and interactions that can be hard to replicate in a remote work context.

How do you look out for people, mentor them, develop them, when your interactions are all booked in, bounded within a strict working day?

Being remote is a little bit like trying to establish a long-distance relationship which, as many know, has the chances of success stacked against it.

Then there is the influence of place, and of space. At REA Group, where I worked for some years, the building fed the culture. Its design and redesign had been carefully thought through to maximise connections and space to collaborate – and not just with those in your immediate team.

Why do people go to church to pray, the pub to drink, and the footy to watch their team, when they have the Bible at home, beer in the fridge and a TV in the living room? Because they are looking for connection, community and inspiration.

Once the novelty of WFH wears off, and for many it already has, comes the challenge of maintaining connection, building affiliation and building cultures when people and teams are not physically spending time together in a shared space.

Ongoing remote work presents practical challenges for organisations, particularly around company culture and organisational HR.

How do you assess performance when you can’t see people at work? How do you look out for people, mentor them, develop them, when your interactions are all booked in, bounded within a strict working day? How do you acknowledge someone for something you heard they did well, as you might if you jump in a lift together?


Diversity of perspective

There is a real risk our employment relationship becomes transactional, which affects engagement, which then affects productivity.

We know from our own work in this space, personality is not 16 types on a table – it is way more nuanced and diverse than that. In a population of 85,000, equal men and women, we find at least 400 uniquely identifiable personality types.

We live in a world of hyper-personalisation, from our morning news feed to our Netflix profile based on our viewing history.

How can an organisation retain that diversity of perspective when it usually thinks of two binary ways of working: in an office or at home?

It can’t. That is why the future of work has to involve a new type of technology that can navigate the rich mix of types we work with and adapt to their communication and working style.

I have championed for WFH when in senior HR positions, but this experience has highlighted the many things I might have taken for granted in an office environment – and it has nothing to do with fancy decor and an ergonomic chair. It is more the human moments of serendipitous connection that disappeared so quickly, almost without time to say goodbye.

I am learning what my motivations are and what connections I want in a day. From my conversations with friends and workmates, they are making similar discoveries.

I would like to think we all emerge from this situation with a mind to honour the things we have learnt about our “work selves” and, most importantly, to build company cultures that thrive by accommodating those diverse needs.


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