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The evidence is in: AI can now determine your personality through text chat

BY Barbara Hyman



MELBOURNE, July 2020 – Australian AI recruitment start-up PredictiveHire, has published peer-reviewed research validating a new AI-based approach to talent assessment that determines personality and job suitability through text.

The research was published by IEEE.   https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9121971

Personality assessments have long been used to supplement CV data as it’s widely accepted that one’s personality can be a predictor of job performance and suitability.

PredictiveHire uses structured text-based interviews, natural language processing, and machine learning to identify personality traits by analysing text answers to questions related to the job being applied for.

Every candidate gets a “first interview”, and as no demographic data is gathered or fed in from other sources such as CVs, the process is blind to gender, race and any other characteristics that are not directly relevant in candidate selection.

The research validates the accuracy of Predictive Hire’s AI approach and signals a huge improvement to current personality tests, where the candidate experience can be underwhelming.

Barbara Hyman, PredictiveHire’s CEO says chat-based interviews address the three big failures of current assessments – ghosting, bias and trust.

“Recruiters are the ultimate ghosters,” Ms Hyman says. “With PredictiveHire, the fact that every single candidate receives a personalised learning profile is gold for candidates and your employer brand. Using text to analyse fit that’s blind to gender, race, age and any personal factors is a must-have in today’s current climate and means every company can introduce bias interruption for every hire and promotion. Imagine what that will do to diversity in hiring”

Principal Data Scientist Buddhi Jayatilleke says “language has long been seen as a source of truth for personality- it defines who we are.  This technology offers a direct way to understand personality from language using an experience that is human and empowering. This capability can be used for assessment and for offering personalised career coaching- a game changer for job seekers, universities, and employers.”

Candidates across 34 countries have experienced PredictiveHire’s unique chat-based interviews.

More insight into how the technology works to discover personality, communication skills and more can be found here. https://www.predictivehire.com/science-explained/

About PredictiveHire

PredictiveHire is a team of data scientists, engineers and HR professionals, who together have built a product suite that is based in science and built to humanise hiring. PredictiveHire believes that relying on data to drive your most important decisions – who you hire and promote, enhances trust and confidence in management, that decisions are fair and consistent. They serve customers in the UK, South Africa, India Australia, and New Zealand.

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Do you want to
hire faster?

If the answer is “Yes” then watch the video to see how introducing AI into your hiring will make it 90x  faster and deliver you brilliant results.

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