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I found this exercise very interactive. Most of the employers just go through the resume of their potential employees, however, Bunnings is committed to gain subtle information about their potential potential employees. Indeed a very good initiative.

Am curious to know why my profile is identical to my peers - word for word. I would have thought across the 3 of us we would have some variation. Statements read like a horoscope. 68% accuracy doesn't fill me with confidence this provides any meaningful insight.

I found it very useful because now I know what kind of person I am based on how you gave me all the reflection of myself, atleast going forward I will be able to know my strongest skills that I must always stick to them and also be innovative.

Some points were very accurate, while others seemed totally off the mark. Interesting

This is a great way of letting people know and giving tips.

i think its a reasonably good description

Thanks for the feedback this really helped me

Team, the insights you provided are mixed - some are accurate , some are very disconnected to many other similiar personality profiles I have done. So perhaps more or better questions may be required on your part?

I really liked the way the interview was setup. Hearing feedback is always good and will help for the future.

Wow that is great, I have never done something like that, and interesting what feedback you garnered out of my responses.

It was 10/10 to my work commitment and lovely to read 😀

Hi, thank You for the feedback, it will help me to improve & learn from life.

How interesting! It gives me a very useful insight and I will be sure to refer to it Going forward

It was good feed back on my relationship to work places, colleages and superiors.

I did find this useful as I have now learnt attributes to use when dealing with future situations at work places.

Found this very useful to know how someone else see you and the way I conduct Myself in the way I work as a team member and by myself

It is good to find out how other people preceded me about my strengths and weaknesses.

Awesome insights after an online interview ! Such a nice surprise !love it!

Thank you so much for the personality feedback. It helps me to understand my approach better and I am grateful for the coaching suggestion.

Yes I would totaly agree with your observations about my profile. I thank you for the compliments in which you made . I do agree I should hold my ground more than I do. I am a nurturer and can adapt to situations regarding people surrounding me and their own personality and nature. I do take on board fully * holding my ground * and will adapt that going forward to build on my strenghts and weaknesses.

When I first got my review, I kind of thought it was a critique against what I wanted to do, but the when re reading it, I felt that you were giving me a compliment , but I think I really enjoy being evaluated by words then mouth , i would not mind trying it again for other options, but I think I need to patient in answering.

I personally think some of your answers are wrong about myself I think you gave me opposite responses to my answers I don't know how you came up with them thanks hope to hear from you soon Domenic

I have had a better understading about mysef and learned about where I need to improve in order to progress in the future.

Because everything that was said here about me is true and I agree with the couching tip

I found it very useful because you can understand your personality traits and get to work on the things that you can improve on

It’s always great to read up on more information to help others become the best version of themselves and to help others succeed

I feel like it described my personality very well thank you for your feedback it’s greatly appreciated

The insights all rang true to the person I am. The coaching tip is something that I already am working on.

With all that’s said about me is correct, I’m a peoples person and I love helping out others and making sure that I do my work properly

very informative and highlights key areas love it

It was very useful as I found the scrutiny of my answers were synthesised very well, I got to know me better and what I can stick to in order to achieve success and what work would suit me the best. Further, I also feel confident and prepared about any assessments/challenges that I have to face in my future days. Thank you so much, it was very productive and nice completing those queries and reading about the personality test feedbacks.

Loved the feedback, hope to hear from use!

Yes,I found it useful. Because it kind of summarise my personality. It also make things easier for me to know what can I work on in my personality. For example insight 3 I was not realy agreeing with it. That's possible that I am in denial of my personality in that area. It prepares me for work place and interview as well. Thank you

Very helpful and insightful

Those insights are a true indication of me .thankyou.

I found the coaching tips very informative and have to say that this is a very good version of my personality profile.

I found this Useful ,because in life we learn everyday and this taught me to be passionate to everything i do.

Honestly when you outline it line my personality so clearly it makes sense thank you for the insight

I found this information useful as I agree with everything that has been said about me. It will also help me with progression

Highlighting where I can improve was useful

I found the results interesting and quite accurate.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity for a online interview. I got knowledge about the online interview and i will prepare for future if required My answers are Confident so i will request my friends to go and practice online interview at predictive hire site. Cheers 👍

Any way anybody can help others in whatever way has got to good in my mind,you people obviously know what you are doing,this was a new experience for me.

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The End of Coddling

BY Team PredictiveHire


Resilient organisations, trusting your team and unleashing productivity

I live in Melbourne, Australia. When I speak to customers overseas they all sympathize with the restrictions imposed on us as a result of COVID-19. We are the State that that just can’t seem to take our eyes off the numbers, being used as an invisible algorithm to drive decisions like when we can see our friends and families again, go to the footy, or have a drink at the pub.

Scott Galloway talks of Covid-19 being an accelerant, not a change agent. Organisations who were already on the path of disrupting their own business models have surged ahead. Those with unfit practices might have been able to do a fun run, but what we have now is an ultra-marathon.

Organizations need a new playbook. We humans need a new playbook.  COVID-19 is transformational for organizations, and it requires transformational thinking and responses.

The lack of deep thinking on this is reflected in the exhaustion we are all feeling right now.  Many of us find ourselves spending 12 hours a day on back-to-back zoom calls. We are missing out on the key benefit of flexibility, which is unleashing productivity. Which means doing more in fewer hours, not doing more by working longer hours.

Asynchronous Work

Few of us have made the transformational changes required to accommodate true remote work. One of those changes has to be to embrace asynchronous working norms.

Asynchronous work needs asynchronous communication. This simply means that work doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone. Productivity and flexibility for employees come when we don’t all have to get in a room, virtual or otherwise to do our work. This usually means communicating in writing, not video.

The other change that needs to happen is less vertical decision-making, less requiring decisions to ‘go up’ to be made – and more pushing them down to the individual level as much as possible. It’s time to really empower your people. Leaders need to set the vision and trust their people to solve how to get there. This means creating cultures of trust and leaving behind cultures of control.

The good news is that a by-product of remote work will be a natural increase in accountability for performance.  The reality is you can’t fake it or fudge it as easily when your actual work output, not your personality, is what is most visible to everyone. The talkers vs the doers are quickly exposed. The big ‘P’ personality types won’t survive as long as there is no place for them to entertain us with their stories and their charisma.

Our New Reality

This new reality won’t work for everyone and demands transparency around performance and expectations from both sides. For many, this may lead to a loss of confidence and validation that they would normally get from being part of a visible tribe in the office.  When you don’t have a team or a manager around you to mentor you, notice your good work, or your bad work, you need to do the noticing yourself. Self-awareness becomes crucial. As does self-motivation, the discipline to see a task through without much pushing or oversight.

Organizations need to give way more attention to hiring and promoting these qualities that will enable individuals to be independently productive. It may even mean evolving your values to reflect those kinds of new survival traits.

What makes that shift especially tough for many organizations is that we have all been doing the opposite for years. To coin a phrase from Johnathan Haidt, we have been guilty of coddling our kids and our employees. Haidt, author of “The Coddling of the American Mind’ notes the impact of all that coddling and the resulting culture of ‘safetyism’, which stunts the development of that life skill- resilience, a trait critical for all of us right now.

Simon Sinek, a speaker/writer on cooperation, trust, and change says developing better managers can help young people build better resilience.  This becomes harder in a world where you’re not spending time with your manager.  Rather, the individual needs to take on more responsibility for their own learning and for their own motivation and engagement.

Creating Resilience

So how do you create more individual and organizational resilience? How do you hire for and build the skill of accountability?

It requires creating an expectation via explicit conversations about the need for you to own your own work, your own career. It demands hiring people who have heightened self-awareness,  to know what they need help with, to ask for what they need.

Which jobs are better suited to me? What am I good at, not good at? How do others see me so I can better manage my relationships at work or at home? What part of me is helping me or hindering me in life?

The problem is that not every type of person will do that comfortably and this is where Covid-19 risks creating another privileged class of people who do better in that environment. This is where I advocate for technology as an essential co-pilot for employees to understand themselves better and help coach them to level the playing field. Technology that can draw out the best in people and help them find their strengths and agency.

The new playbook already has a few chapters written by some well-known disruptors. For example, Jeff Bezos banning PowerPoint from meetings, Google’s money-ball approach to hiring and promotion, virtually inventing people analytics. The text-only interviews of Automattic,  the company behind WordPress, with 1000+ remote workforce in 73 countries.

In short, to leaders of all domains: move to the new playbook.

Get on with experimenting with fundamentally new ways of working. And, recognize that technology will be your co-pilot in that change.

Source: Barbara Hyman, Recruiting Daily, 1 October 2020

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