LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Some interesting facts there .

I am amazed that the description of my personality was quite so accurate. I will try to take on board the recommended methods of dealing with certain situations.

It will help me understand myself better, from different perspectives, in terms of personal character and capabilities. It will also facilitate self-reflection process and improve where needed.

Thank you so much for providing that feedback. It is important in order for my self development.

You had some insights bang on but not all I’m afraid .... you can’t explain all scenarios in detail , Hunan interaction I still feel is best !!!

I have always known what kind of a person i am but i really did not know how to address it to my self to my full understanding which you guys just did thank you so much team

Thank you this is very insightful, I have never applied for a job that has given such useful feedback.

It highlighted some of my weaknesses that I was considering to work on and improve. It verified my thoughts, thanks.

Thanks for that,will take it all on board.Very interesting!

I find this very useful as it describes me in a way people as described before

This confirms my own view of myself and what others notice about me, so very helpful thank you.

This was strangely spot on. Actually so much was me to a t. Thank you. I liked the tips at the end THANK YOU

Such good Feedback really helped and described me we'll thank you for the help!

I'm extremely amazed with these describes about, it really shows that you have people who have that great capacity to describe somebody just by reading his text or thoughts. I'm really impressed.

It’s great to get such personal feedback from your interview answers.

I found this very useful as it's telling me a little bit about myself and how I think. It also reinforced some pointers about what other people think of me. I also like the positivity in it giving me more confidence in myself.

This was useful as it included areas in which I can improve on which is beneficial for future experiences.

It described me to a tee and made me feel more confident and self aware

The key attributes that were described about me were accurate and what I liked most about this is the Coaching Tip that you have provided. I am definitely lacking to act in those areas, I can improve my personality with the tip given to me. Thank you very much for that. I will keep those tips in my mind and will implement it.

I found this very interesting concept. I do believe in some of responses. But for some reason I am disagreeing with Insight 3. I am totally willing to socially participate in events at work. And that other statements may hinder my productivity, collaboration etc, I find this incorrect. If anything I makes me want to do my job even more, and I enjoy it more. I do let people in 'my world' when and where its warranted. But I still enjoyed this process, it was fun. Thanks. :)

To read that you have picked up on so much about my working environment makes me feel pleased and proud and would love to be apart of a company who pays so much detail to a member of staff

I found this useful as I always like to strive in bettering myself. Constructive feedback is always helpful.

Thank you so much for the feedback. This is so helpful to me.

I do agree with tips given like It's important that you take time out for yourself and prioritise your needs - recharge your energy so you can support yourself and others emotionally. Thanks.

Your feedback has helped me understand more about how I am helpful to people and how I can actually be useful

This feedback was very helpful to provide me to work my way to the best I could possibly be.

Good day This report has helped me learn more about myself. The report is a true reflection of my key personality traits and character. I have learnt how to optimize on my positive traits while minimizing those that pose a threat to myself and others. In my reflection I've learnt to speak up more and allow my thoughts and ideas to criticized and learn from the criticism. My biggest take home point from this report is how my personality and character aid in refining my skills for the overall improvement of my work ethic and moral. This was truly a worthwhile exercise. Thank you

Great work

Thank you for your feed back. Always nice to know what others think about you.

I highly appreciate this feedback as I believe it was accurate as a reflection of who I am. I particularly liked the coaching tips and will carry them forward wherever I go as they will allow me to advance.

just a different interview process and hopefully find me a job.

When looking for a new path in life it’s nice to have some home truth and self reflection. Thank you and for the record I’m stunned you were 99% spot on

Pretty accurate.

It's interesting to get feed back in my response to makes you think about you as a person

Yes it was very insightful and quite accurate indeed.

I found this very useful as it has helped me understand where I need to improve my personality in the future to be part of a team that works well and respects me.

I found it useful so that I can improve my strengths and weaknesses

Thanks for that I will take any advice that give and appreciate your comments.

It gives me clear things I’m doing well and other things I can work on

Pretty spot on

It is encouraging and mostly best to hear things about yourself.

Yes Indeed I found this useful because it’s a good feedback to receive while applying for an job and build more confidence within myself . Thank you

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  • 30 days? 3 days? Nup, 3 minutes! Time-to-fill metrics, reset.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

30 days? 3 days? Nup, 3 minutes! Time-to-fill metrics, reset.

BY Lukasz Owczarek


Has the time it takes to fill a role genuinely improved?

I think back to my days as a recruiter, you filled jobs by posting adverts. That was 15 years ago. The saying was: “Post and pray” because you never knew what would come back.

The average time to fill a role, as we advised the business, was 30 days.

Even then, there was flexibility on that because of the ‘war on talent’. It was hard to find people. Skilled people. The ‘right’ talent. When we needed to find talent fast than from time-to-time, we would engage a 3rd party recruiting agency to help us. However, that was costly.

So, even with the proper sourcing tools in hand – the business just needed to wait. Here were the reasons that recruiters gave for not delivering quickly: 

  • We’ve had a really low response rate 
  • The calibre of applications aren’t quite right 
  • Our salaries aren’t fitting with what the market demands

Sound familiar?

Reasons, and perhaps excuses. And the business just had to wait. 

Fast forward 15 years, and from my observations, we are still seeing similar time-to-fill projections. 

According to a Job Vite – time to fill remains anywhere between 25 (retail) or 48 (hospitality) days (when I read this, I nearly fell off my chair!). This is surprising since technology has come such a long way since then. 

Why are hiring managers waiting this long for these high-volume skills? And the wait will undoubtedly be increased due to the volumes of applications – thanks to C-19. What is the cost associated with waiting? A straightforward formula I found published by Hudson (for non-revenue generating employees) is: 

(Total Company Annual Revenue) ÷ (Number of Employees) ÷ 365 = Daily Lost Revenue

Here’s a working example. Let’s take a retailer. They generate 2.9 billion in revenues and have 11,000 employees. This means that their daily lost revenue PER vacant position is $722. 

If it takes 25 days to fill this position, then it costs the business $18,057 in lost revenue. The time it is taking to fill roles is costing the business too much.  Speed is of the essence.

Volume recruiting and time-to-fill considerations:

I’ve observed talent teams who recruit in high volume scenarios; spending hours screening thousands of CV’s – with inherent bias’s creeping in by the 13th CV. Then fatigue sets in. And by the 135th CV, unconscious biases have turned into bold conscious judgements; 

  • Their CV is not long enough – “reject”
  • Their CV is too short – “reject”
  • The layout of their CV wasn’t professional enough – “reject”
  • Don’t put education at the back,  have it at the front – “reject”
  • They are not descriptive enough – “reject”
  • They do not enough retail experience – “reject”. And what even is this arbitrary requirement of years of experience? If you have hit the two-year mark within a profession, how does that automatically make you qualified?

Keeping your process consistent and fair is a challenge and the quality of the screening process diminishes. 

If it takes 6 seconds to review a CV, that’s 1.6 hours to get through 1000.

Then there is the phone screen. If you only took 30 into this stage and spoke to them for 10 minutes each, then it will take the recruiter five hours. 

And time is not concentrated nor time-bound to one session – it elapses. You aren’t sitting for 1.6 hours at a time nor can you schedule back-to-back phone screens, so the realistic time frame for this is about a week. 

From there, it’s coordinating Hiring Manager interviews, conducting their interviews, getting feedback, making decisions, giving offers, taking reference checks and finalising compliance steps to make the hire. This is where it ends up being a long and drawn-out process. 

By automating the first pre-screening steps recruiters can seriously slash the time it takes to fill.

Plus they can drive a far better process. How? By getting a trustworthy understanding of the candidate and their personality modelled against the organisations’ success DNA (the “Success DNA” is the profile of what success looks like in your organisation).  

When candidates apply their first step is an automated interview.

It takes 15-20 minutes to complete, and all candidates receive a personality assessment based on what they wrote (which they love).  

Personality can be deduced from the text that candidates write (scientifically proven) and then there is also the feedback from thousands of candidates talking to the accuracy of these personality assessments. 

Here’s a tiny sample of all the feedback >>




What took weeks to get to the interview stage can now be done in minutes following an application.

For Talent Acquisition to build its credibility in the business, it needs to demonstrate its impact on the bottom line and provide tangible solutions to address this need for speed. Tools like Predictivehire can help with solving for these speed and cost challenges, and the benefits of providing a consistent, bias-free candidate experience are just the icing on the cake. 

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