LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

WOW that was pretty accurate yes I do rely on myself alot been put in it one to many times. thanks for the feed back

I love learning about myself

Thankyou for your feed back, I am someone who don’t like being center of attention. I do like to get on with my job and do my job well, I’m a hard worker , reliable , I do listen to others and take there thoughts into account.

i am now more comfortable on where I am as a worker and what I need to do and be prepared for in a working environment.

It is intresting to know more about my strengths and passion

Really enjoyed filling out form made me stop and think throughly before replying and talking about myself.

Hi, Thank you for the opportunity to participate. In my earlier years I would often ignore good advice because I was either too proud or too afraid of being proved wrong. Now, in my senior years, I have mellowed and am happy to receive constructive criticism. I now accept that I am one cog in a big wheel and the task is to keep the wheel rolling. Having said that, I thought my profile sounded pretty good so Im thinking that the good stuff from the other cogs Ive worked with have rubbed off on me and I have stopped trying to create a new wheel. Life is too short to always be in a hurry! Now I stop and wait now for the youngsters to catch up, see the goal and guide them to it.

A great tool to help people realise their strengths and weaknesses and how to improve!

awesome and thank you

I don't feel this useful. I sound like a people pleaser, which I am not.

I found this feedback useful because if gave me an overview on what I need to work on and better myself as an individual and it also gave me and overall view on how I am viewed as a person

very useful but disagree with insight 3. i enjoy haveing a good coversation and sharing my personal life as long as it does not get in the way of work.

This allowed me to gain a further understating about myself and what I am like as person. Thank you

That was the most enjoyable interview feedback I’ve ever red. Very insightful! Thank you

The insights I was given allowed me to understand my strengths better and I can capitalise better on these strengths once I know what they are

I fount this really interesting and pretty spot on. There were just a couple of things that were a little different to how I would describe myself but they were positives and I think I can take from them and use them to motivate me to behave more spontaneously.

Amazing how accurate the results are of who I am. Thank you for the positive feedback and action advice. Much appreciated.

Not at all, I am very reliable and have very strong values

Life is a teacher and I trust one must keep learning to improve oneself in all aspects. There might be many ways to solve a problem or issue...we can't stubbornly say that this is the only way ...sometimes we can seek others way of approach too.

actually I dont understand ur view.i applied job for cleaning but ur interview regarding my personality. everybody work in Iceland through this same process I dont think so .its new way a ten year ago people straight way give c.v and apply job straight way but today its process is totally different.

It told me exactly who I am and also offered ways to improve myself.

I’ve never completed and received feedback In this format previously,I will use the feedback to improve myself going forward.

I’m really appreciated by knowing myself is a positive person with the motivation to change and to reach my goals. I think this is one of the reasons that I have lots of friends 😉

I found this useful - it reinforced previous personality tests I have taken for other roles.

Thank you it was very helpful

It reassured me about the answers I gave and is making me very happy about how I’m being treated, it’s really making me want to work for this company and be a part of the team

Actually it feels good getting back a feedback on how others can see me based on my performance. We all here living our life to be better than we were yesterday, to grow to be more to help our community the best way we can. Coaching tips after an interview in my eyes are a nice and not expected but much appreciated effort from the company gives inspiration and motivation to plan on future development, course opportunities, if the application is rejected then gives all the tools you need to grow from it and use the experience for the next opportunity to be better.

This is me to a t. Makk li Ed me feel good about my working environment .

I found this useful because it has been a while since I have had feedback from a group discussion. External quality opinions are important. Thank you

This was fantastic as it delves into your inner self and helps to reflect on your actions or inaction. Listening skills are crucial in all parts of life! Thank you.

Really insightful and genius way of getting feedback. Unique too. Thanks. Oscar.

These insights truly gave me a good look of how I come across as; these are things that people don't usually tell you upfront! Very useful .

I loved the insights :)

I found this useful because it helped me recognise ways that I can improve my process.

The insight was very useful to me to see what others see from my actions this was a great oppertunity to answer some questions that are normally not ask in a job interview

I found it useful because I learnt more about myself which allows me to understand how I react to situations etc.

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  • Will COVID-19 be the bias interrupter we need so badly in hiring?  

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Will COVID-19 be the bias interrupter we need so badly in hiring?  

BY Barbara Hyman


The rise in video platforms for hiring suggests we still have as strong a ‘bias’ towards having to see someone to hire someone, as there has been with having to see someone working in the office to trust they are working. 

What will it take for that bias to be disrupted?

Mature organisations who have fully remote teams working in 75+ countries, hire remotely via text and/or email. No face-to-face and definitely no video interviewing, which can be a petri dish for bias.

It makes us wonder, how much do we really care about removing bias in our organisations? 

Many companies are hurting right now.  COVID-19 is forcing them to make lay-offs and tough decisions about the things that mattered to them. For some, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives have been the first to go.  Given the havoc that COVID-19 has created in our economy, this loss of focus is somewhat understandable.

Then George Floyd died after a police officer held him down so he was unable to breathe. In the week since we’ve seen unprecedented statements coming out from companies in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement. This signifies a huge shift in how companies engage with these issues, but when we’re fighting institutionalized racism, and corporate America is a very much part of the institution, it doesn’t matter how powerful your statement is – unless you’re unwilling to take action and to change internally. 

Bias in the recruiting process has been an issue for as long as modern-day hiring practices existed.

The idea of “blind applications” became a thing a few years ago, with companies removing names on applications thinking that it would remove any gender or racial profiling. It made a difference, but bias still existed though the schools that people attended, as well as the past experience they might have had. Interestingly, these are two things that have now been shown to have no impact on a person’s ability to do a job. 

Artificial Intelligence was touted as the end-solution, but early attempts still ran through CVs and amplified biases based on gender, ethnicity, age – even if they weren’t recorded, AI created profiles comparing ‘blind’ candidates to those in roles currently (ie. white men) – as well as favouring schools and experience.

Enter blind screening

True bias in recruiting can only exist if the application is truly blind (no demographics are recorded) and is not based on a CV, but through matching a person’s responses to specific questions to their ability to perform a job. It has to be text-based so that true anonymity can be achieved – something video can’t do as people are still racially profiled. 

To have a conversation about removing bias from your organisation 👍 – we would love to chat

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