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09 Nov 2021

PredictiveHire welcome the EEOC Initiative on Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Fairness

Recently the The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced it was  launching an initiative to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging tools used in hiring and other…

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19 Mar 2021

PredictiveHire nominated as one of six global HR Tech startups to ‘put on your radar right now’

It’s been an exciting start to 2021 for PredictiveHire and I’m pleased to share that we have been nominated as one of six global HR Tech startups to watch, by…

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15 Mar 2021

These 6 start-ups will be in the ‘spotlight’ at Spring HR Tech

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down innovation in HR tech By: Jen Colletta | March 1, 2021 • 2 min read While the past year has brought considerable challenges to the HR function,…

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01 Feb 2021

Research shows that automation can make recruitment more human

To find out how to use Recruitment Automation to ‘hire with heart’, we also have a great eBook on recruitment automation with humanity. New insights from Aptitude Research suggests Ai…

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29 Jan 2021

Businesses need to stop “ghosting” when recruiting

To find out how to improve candidate experience using Recruitment Automation, we also have a great eBook on candidate experience. There is no doubt that older Australians have been hit…

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19 Jan 2021

Recruitment Platform PredictiveHire shares its ethical framework for AI

Addressing valid concerns in the HR industry about AI, PredictiveHire has released an ethical framework to encourage transparency in the sector MELBOURNE, Jan 18, 2021 –PredictiveHire (, an Australian technology…

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02 Nov 2020

It’s Time To Use Your Words

This Recruiter Says How You Write and What You Write Can Tell an Employer a Great Deal About Your Fit. Barbara Hyman believes the most important skill for people looking…

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29 Oct 2020

It’s possible to give personalised feedback to every job applicant

A major AI-based experiment has proved it’s possible to give personalised feedback to every job applicant, solving one of the biggest complaints about the recruitment process. Over a six-month period,…

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17 Oct 2020

Scalable career discovery for younger workers

PredictiveHire’s CEO Barb Hyman comments on Australia’s Federal Budget as it relates to the youth.   As Australia rebuilds its economy, investing in the youth is a step in the…

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12 Oct 2020

The End of Coddling

Resilient organisations, trusting your team and unleashing productivity I live in Melbourne, Australia. When I speak to customers overseas they all sympathize with the restrictions imposed on us as a…

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08 Oct 2020

Business leaders react to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s 2020 Federal Budget

See how leaders, including PredictiveHire’s CEO Barbara Hyman, reacted to the Treasurer’s 2020 Federal Budget, and their comments on how it will impact Australian businesses. Featured in Business Daily Media…

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11 Sep 2020

AI Uncovers Potential ‘Job-Hoppers’

The language candidates use in conversation can reliably indicate their propensity to ‘job hop’, new research shows. PredictiveHire, which uses text-based communication to interview candidates, has uncovered a correlation between candidate language…

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