LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you for the feedback I don't think I've ever applied to a company that gives such good feedback, it's very innovative.

Thanks for your feedback it's great information to reflect on

Thank you for this. I think It is good feedback to see where i can improve areas of my work and personal life. It's very accurate. It's a Great idea for employment process.

Very useful and informative

It was very accurate and helped me to consider my strengths and traits in a new way that I haven't seen before.

Thank you for your feedback. It has helped me see what others think of me. This will definitely help me understand who I am as a person, how I can grow and help me achieve success. Thanks for the coaching tip also, 4 great points you have given me. I will learn to be more front room than back room in situations. Typically don’t take credit as I see it as me doing my job (that’s what I’m paid to do) and most importantly speak up. Quite often I’ll not say anything as I feel my opinions don’t really add value? Thank you once again for this result.

I did find this helpful and I thought back when I could’ve been in a stressed situation and how I’ve dealt with it, I felt I’ve been most stress when I’ve been struggling for money and finding work, but the way I delt with it was by listening to my family and friends who helped me keep a positive head and kept telling me not to give up something will pop up that will be perfect fit for you.

I found this useful because it was very informative and helpful. I will endeavour to practice this in the future. Thank you for taking the time for giving me feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. This feedback will help me improve myself in many ways.

It has given me more insight as to work in a team and share my ideas and obviously has others opinions

thanks, interesting to see how my answers reflect, i don't think anthing to bad was in there I just try to be honest to myself

I found this feedback useful because im fond of hearing about improvements I need to make within myself and plan in the future how i will act upon it and become an even more stronger person

Useful is a why I never really think about those thing but it made me feel better about myself reading those things, thank you!

I really like the set of questions I was required to complete. I openly expressed about my past education and employment experiences through answering the questions. I believe this type of interview process rather than just scanning through a CV is much better as it gives the employer a better insight of the potential employee they are looking for. I am also able to reflect back and identify on what my strengths are and how I can benefit your company. Thank you for the interview process, I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your coaching tips! There is always room for improvement!much appreciated

Great feedback and insight on answering questions. Well done!

I found this very insightful and also very true in some respects

This was very useful as it was correct with most things about me, but also made it clear how i could be an even better worker, this type of interview and feedback is very effective and helpful towards me!

I found this very useful. it gave me a grate understanding of how I am as a team member and how I work. I now know what challenges me and improvements a can add to how I work

I found this feedback constructive and helpful as it told me where I excel and where Action needs to take place. therefore assisting in my possible role at Bunnings warehouse. Kind regards.

Good analysis of my personality. Great coaching tips and helpful assistance.

Thank you for providing me the insights. All of them were extremely close to how I would describe myself. Moreover, the coaching tips were helpful and I would definitely use them o get better at my job.

It is scarily accurate and very useful for when I would explain my strengths and weaknesses at an interview

Iv'e not had a personality profile done on me before, I found it very interesting. Insight 1: Couldn't agree more. Insight 2: Very true. Insight 3: Good observation. Insight 4: Quiet right. Insight 5: I had to look this one up and I agree now I know the definition. Insight 6: This also is very true. Thank you.

Wow, this is awesome. Its amazing discovering these incredible personalities, they really suit my kind of person. This is very helpful to me

Yes it is useful,because it help to look my past what i had done, the decesion which i took at that time was worth it.And make me more responsible toward my life and for my future ahead.

I believe as an individual there's a room to improve and with the feedback and the couching tips made me realise where am lacking and need to improve and pay more attention to for better. Now that I got such feed back made me realise that it's important to work in an environment with so much openness but still be focused

This was useful as it included areas in which I can improve on which is beneficial for future experiences.

That insight email was amazing very satisfactory it sums up your strengths and weaknesses then tell you how to move forward

Spot on, in every way. Action required i absolutely agree.

The coaching tips especially were interesting and made me realise that standing ground and being more assertive and positive about things would definitely help me in the work place. Thankyou for that. Also I felt what was taken from my answers did give you a reasonably good accurate idea of what certain person I am and how I act in the workplace. Very informative.

It is good to find out things that I didn't know about myself and how I can improve.

i found this really helpful as it give me more of a background that i never knew i had

It is always good to have independent assessment of myself to show where I can make improvement

Thank you for the insight to my personality. Hopefully this will help me in the future.

Yes this memo described well I'm still very motivated

Thank you for the insights, I found most of these relatively accurate to be fair, but I am definitely an extrovert and not only do I find company in myself but find it quite easy to fit into all social situations and groups. Thank you again for the insights

This gave me an insight on how to be a better person in the workplace but also in relationships.

It was pretty spot on. I do need to let things go a bit. I tend to over think things. Thank you!!

It is accurate in some areas but not all. Its good to see how the qualities I belive I have are reflected

It’s always helpful getting constructive feedback. The insights together with the suggested actions are most useful in indentifying areas that can be improved and worked on. Thank you

It was a great experience. Some points that I definitely can improve. Thanks

When used properly, data amplifies inclusive hiring.


Humans are prone to unconscious bias

When a recruiter first screens a resume, they do so for ~6 seconds. So what is it that they are seeking?

A job role can attract thousands of applicants. When recruiters initially screen applicants, they are looking for ‘short-hand’ clues to confirm a pre-existing judgement that ‘predicts’ success, like a particular degree or score. Without knowing it, this method adversely affects the ability to hire the best candidates.

There is a better way.
FirstInterview is a true blind assessment . No demographic details are collected from candidates nor used to influence their ranking. Only the candidates answer to relevant interview questions are analysed by our scientifically validated algorithm to assess their fit for the role.



Everyone’s story is bigger than their CV

People are so much more than their CV, yet favouring a name, gender or institute over the individual is a common practice.

We cannot build inclusive industries when we don’t take steps to remove unconscious bias in our decisions when we are hiring. Being aware of our bias is one thing; removing it is another entirely.

It starts with a conversation. And a fair go.
Using FirstInterview means everyone gets the chance to do an interview and an opportunity to tell their story.



Bias can be removed with the right data

Algorithms and Ai learn according to the profile of the data we feed it.

If the data it learns from is taken from a CV, it’s only going to amplify our existing biases. Only clean data, like the answers to specific job-related questions, can give us a true bias-free outcome.

We continuously test the data that trains the machine so that if ever the slightest bias is found, it can be corrected.

Here's the science >

Bias testing - holding ourselves accountable

Biases in data can be tested for and measured. These include all assumed biases that can be added to a suite of tests. PredictiveHire uses all of these tests and more.

Proportional Parity Test

"Is there adverse
impact in our


Score Distribution Test

"Are the assessment score distributions similar across groups of interest?"



"Is the assessment making the same rate of errors across groups of interest?"



Text-based Ai can’t be outsmarted

It’s hard to detect gaming in multi-choice personality assessments, nor can you detect plagiarism.

Ai is a super detector
Anomalies in answers are detected and flagged, including those that contain:

  • plagiarism
  • responses that are meaningless
  • semantic anomalies that are significantly different to expected answers
  • profanity

Zero-biased hiring is here now.
Join the movement.

Here are our latest articles on reducing bias, removing discrimination
and building inclusive workforce through better hiring.

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Yes, reducing bias is firmly on our agenda.

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