LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Explaining my strengths

Positive and constructive feedback is always useful to improve future performance.

I found the insights about me quite accurate. I am quite a bubbly and outgoing person and didn't feel like this came across in number 4 but overall good.

Reading back what you got from my answers, was really impressive and it actually gave ma a confident boost

Thanks for Sharing this wonderful feedback will work on the area of Improvement

I'm really happy to receive a reply and found the information very helpful thank you.

I did find it useful as I've never had anything like this before when applying for a job, some of it I agree on and some not sure, I do like to talk and not just listen and I do enjoy being with groups of people and getting to know tham 😊

I found this extremely useful thank you !

Mindblowing. Thank you for your insight. That hits me right there. hahaha really helpful

I found this very useful it makes me feel extra confident about myself. If i stand my ground or hold my ground,i continue to support a particular argument or to have a particular opinion when other people are opposing me or trying to make me change their mind. I like to speak my mind when standing my ground

It's usefull because you really understand what kind of person I am.

I found it useful because I was not stressful

Thankyou for getting back to me, your feedback from the questions are a true inside to ME, you are correct about a lot of things and I do wear my heart on my shelve at times and I do worry to many times. But thank you for letting me know it was very helpful

i can understand myself better as a person and use this to grow and achieve more.

I was blown away by how accurate this was and the impact it had on me as a hopefully employee of Bunnings. It shows the company and forward thinking and value their staff and have a drive to develop their teams from before they start. Amazing process

I found this useful as I can take away some tools that I made need to work on .

Hi and thanks for the feedback. In the last 18 months my wife passed away battling cancer. I had to euthanize my pet dog Indie of 15 years and I was made redundant 3 months ago. It's been tough, however I am resilient and would love to work at my favourite store Bunnings. Kind Regards Chris Manos

Very Interesting snd insightful A real conversation starter .

Hello! This was very interesting! I like this way of hiring. Only thing that isn’t quite right is a part that says I don’t voice my opinion enough. Sadly I do, quite a lot. I’m extremely opinionated!

Yes absolutely appreciate your insight to my nature as I have explain myself to ..ur definitely on point with ur profile of me I appreciate reason in so professional

My Personality Result is very helpful.It gives me self awareness and self satisfaction because people see me for myself and my abilities helping me to improve and gain more self confidence.

its interesting that an online assessment judges the book without its cover. I would like to inform that I have been recalled to certify aircraft maintenance from April 22nd for a month. thank you

Ever really had something like this before, tells you a lot about yourself

I loved the couaching tip helped out a lot and the some of the insights where my strengths .

After looking at reflection and actions sent to me, I do agree and I would strive to make sure my opinions are heard which would benefit me and the team as a group.

I like to hear constructive criticism to see where I can improve to make me a better and stronger employee.

This information/feedback is great this will be useful to myself in many ways , because there is always room for improvement and I love learning new things about myself so I can work on that to only open more doors for me in the future

I never thought about myself how you described me. I appreciate your time and will reflect on it later.

This has really made me think about how i can be the best i can as i do anyway.

Most of the insights were spot on except insight 2 i do love results as i take pride in my work and detail is definetly something i pay major attention too, thats something ive been praised on during apprassals in previous jobs

It help me to know my strength and my weakness, it also motivate me to be a better person and to want to explore the world even more because i know I am capable of doing that.

This was so perfect, I loved it and had no idea that this would be sent to my inbox. Great surprise.

The insights are amazing. I got a lot of information about my personality which I wasn't previously aware of.

I found this helpful for what I should look for in myself to improve and better my working experience

Helps me understand myself a little bit better and see what parts of myself I can improve upon.

I think the majority of points were very close to who I am. I believe a better profile would have been gauged after speaking face to face as I am better able to articulate my points of view.

It helped me know what I need to improve on

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