LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It's made me feel alot more confident thankyou

I found this useful, it feels like the company already knows who I am and it summarized my personality in a better than I could have done it. Thank you for that.

Yes these are very useful

Thank you for the Insight response to my interview. Agree with the overview and will take on board the feedback and coaching :)

It was really interesting to read my analysis from my answers. I was surprised how detailed the analysis was.

all the point tell us to be professional which will help in life

Thank you, that was very useful for me.

Gave an valid overview on my perception and personality that i myself didn't even know so cheers for that

I have just learned more from you on how to listen more to others and have a balanced point of view. Thank you.

It was a pretty accurate analysis of my character and it helped me to see clearly some of my strengths and some weaknesses- and how I could possibly improve the weaknesses.

I think the Personality results were fairly spot on. Thank you.

It made me feel positive and gave me a boost of confidence.

The insight you have given identifies me to a tee byt I will add that I enjoy bringing others along with me and passing on my knowledge and experience

Wow, i'm honestly shocked at the accccuracy of This!!

Iceland sounds like its all about working together to make its employees and customers happy and that’s just what you want in a company .

this is very useful. through this system i got a good idea about my skills and also got a good tips to improve my skills further.

This information was very interesting and it tells me allot about who I am as a person.

Because as a person you need to learn and let others show you how you can grow as we know no one is perfect and everyday you learn something new. Thank you for the advice it is put into consideration.

Some points are relative and some have been relative point from my past. Tips give insight to make me a better version of myself Thankyou

The different insights I have recieved from my personality results, and the coaching tip 'actions' are very useful for me to be aware of my personality strengths in various workplace situations, and how to act effectively upon the downsides of my personality strengths

These sorts of insights are very self affirming and confidence boosting. Thank you!

I found this particularly useful since it gives me a better insight to how others perceive me.

Thank you for clearly explaining the information in an easy to understand and respectable way. I really appreciate it! Thank you very much.

Great feedback and insight on answering questions. Well done!

The personality results appeared to be accurate to my personality. I found it useful because it revealed I have good work ethics and take pride in where I work. It’s great feedback to have as it identified areas for improvement to continue to achieve great results within my work place.

I have found this actually very touching as well as true, I am told so by people in charge of myself and whom supplies me with my task and when moderated and verified then i would always get feedback from them of the same qualities has recognized me with.

I found this to be an incredibly effective tool and the results I feel are reflective of my personality and work style. Really impressed!

Was interesting first time I’ve ever done questions then got feedback like that

I found it very self esteem building to get the true reflection of my personality

this would defintley help me with finding future jobs. and explaning what other strengths i have as an young individual

This is by far the best description of me I've ever read. It is exactly how I see myself, positive and negative. It is true I am very organised and I like things to be thought out and done properly with honour and respect. There also has been times where I have kept quiet and compromised but it's mostly because I believe in balance and that life is both giving and taking. I feel like I have been enlightened and have a deeper understanding of me and the people I am about to work with. Much appreciated. Thank You.

It was very interesting and a lot of the feeback was accurate so that is positive. I already shop at Iceland its good value with good products. But it is also hood to know they invest in such things for their employees

Felt that there was a few pointers highlighted interesting to think about, as overall pretty accurate.

I found it useful , as I am one to play to my strengths but also enjoy trying out other things and being able to adapt to different situations.

good response

Hi there. Thanks for the insights. I have a few observations on them. Insight 1: Most of my roles have involved driving significant change and I actually enjoy doing new and different things. I'm not sure the insight reflects that. Insight 6: Integrity is one of my core values. As such I never use flattery, the definition of which is to use 'excessive and insincere praise . . . to further one's own interests".

It was useful to see the style you have at work so that you are more aware of areas you could develop to make you better. Self development is always great.

I feel I have very good personality traits, especially when working in store around colleagues, it’s always nice to see feedback which agrees with my opinions of myself.. and added suggestions on how to progress with further growth is also highly useful.

I found this useful because it lets you see how others see you with the information you give them about you

Thank you so much for the helpful tips, I found them very insightful and will take them onboard.

I found the comments and reasoning behind them very helpful and given in a way that made it helpful rather than critical. Thankyou for the help and advice.

Yes it was very useful and understanding and gave me an insight in to what you do to help your staff

It gave me another persons honest view point of my attitude and persona. Giving me a better understanding of myself

Amazing! Very close to the mark and reassuring. Thank you.

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