LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I think a lot was useful, I would disagree regarding my ability to take feedback but there's only so much info you can gather from 7 questions

I would love your feedback and will work more on myself definately

I don’t agree with some of the outcomes . I thrive at work events and am not easily disctracted .

This was surprisingly more accurate than I though it would be, it has helped boost my confidence and has given me suggestions hot to improve

thank you for this information now I know how I can improve for future jobs and general communication

Thankyou so much for your feed back , very rare u hear back off employers. It was nice to hear off someone who doesn't know me by person what they thought about me because not always you get the truth...

It gave me the chance to be completely honest with you and myself. You described my personality to a perfect tee!

I found this useful because it was unexpected from an employer and made me more aware of how I am as a person and how I could change to become better. Thank you.

it very helpful and interesting to reflect on myself and my ways of working with others.

All feedback is good as it encourages profressinal and personal growth. I now know what areas i need to improve in and which areas i am strong in.

It’s given me a better understanding on the type of person I am and the job role that would suit me

Getting a better understanding of who I am and how I interract with others provides insight into my SWOT and enables me to modify my behaviours to better suit whatever the environment or situation.

I appreciate the feedback, but didnt agree with the part where I dont let my opinion be heard, I surely do. the rest of it was good.

About 75% was spot on there were some insights that I hadn't realised or thought of before that were interesting but there were also a couple of points that were a complete contradiction of how i do/approach things. Overall I was impressed

Useful in getting to know what happens at Iceland front and behind the scenes

The points raised are very helpful with self awareness. It’s important to have an idea of how others see you you, whether it be a bad listener or opinionated. I feel it’s very important to take theses suggestions on board and it’s a healthy reminder that everyone is has their own and people can perceive things very differently.

It is an accurate description of me as I'm methodical but can be rather spontaneous as you've stated. I do find successes to be good in rewarding hard efforts but also understand that failures teach you and help you progress. :)

It is,some of the things I wasn't aware of and it kinda pointed out my strengths but the is always room for improvement and polishing few things as a person

I'm abit lost i enjoy working with the public and on an odd occasion my boss has told me I care too much and I should separate that when if comes to work I'm a softy with 25 years of being a people person yet I know my job and could go further its all in my head wots right wots wrong and told many times I should be somewhere better tan this as your friendly bubbly personality im 47 now and get told I look and act 27 lol I'm trying to find something new and I keep failing the online interviews ??

That made me more confident with my application

Very useful, and very true

Because the questions builds some confidence in preparing and getting interviews as soon as possible.

It also boost my confidence in knowing myself even more. I’m now going take it and put it into practice☺️.

It’s a nice reflection on what my personal and work life has taught me on how to cater for different situations and every day life to be a some sort of role model or good team member

It was great. I'm amazed that these insights could be gained from those questions and answers.

I really appreciate the individual feedback. I feel it can help me to grow as a person. I do thjnk you managed to get a good reflection of who I am.

It showed a insite to my strengths and weakness which was quite interesting.

Thanks for sharing the feedback. It is surely useful to become a better version of me and will follow the tips given.

Thank you for this. This will help me a lot for future.

As I answered the questions honestly I'm relieved to read that the program's overview of my personally is pretty much spot on. It's interesting to see that it extrapolated that I'm social but enjoy my own down time and that I like to stand up for what I believe in. When it comes down to a program deciding the essence of my character at least with your system I'm comforted that it is a fair representation of me.

I found the insights were, upon reflection, close to the mark. The coaching tips were equally insightful. Having been through (and survived) two major business restructures, I found the coaching tips to be accurate. Definitely the tip re work of a competitive nature is valid and worthy of consideration.

I found it very insightful and quite true about me 🙂

Thanks for the feedback Regards : When have you put your ideas, preferences or needs aside to cooperate or build a group consensus? My reply >a conversation takes place within the team, the conversation opens up & creates better communications What were the consequences? It can be positive & negative with increased engagement or push back. The push back needs to be discussed. Do you see any risks with being too willing to compromise or flex? My Reply > Yes I agree. Increased need to manage the situation & people closely. There is right way and a wrong way to approach the problem. Action Your opinion counts. Practice speaking your opinion, even when others don't agree. ( My Reply > Very Good advice much appreciated. Innovation comes from the intersection of difference. Speak your mind - your viewpoint is always valid. If you aspire to be a leader, build the muscle of having candid conversations. My Reply > I am not afraid of having the hard conversations to improve either my performance or others.

Thank you for the insight into my personality. I especially appreciate the coaching tip.

Its nice to know what you said,to put what I said in different context. Made me very happy .thanks

I found this incredibly accurate and super helpful on how to further my self successfully.

I did find this helpful and I thought back when I could’ve been in a stressed situation and how I’ve dealt with it, I felt I’ve been most stress when I’ve been struggling for money and finding work, but the way I delt with it was by listening to my family and friends who helped me keep a positive head and kept telling me not to give up something will pop up that will be perfect fit for you.

I found this useful, as we all have preconceptions of our own personality and to get the opinion of others enables you to reflect and adjust accordingly - thank you

Thank you for the feedback. Its always helpful learning about myself, strength and weaknesses. Which will help me in the future endeavours.

What inspires us

Books resources for data science

Books about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Personality. What makes you the way you are

Personality. What makes you the way you are

Author: Daniel Nettle

Why we love it

Buddhi, Our Principal Data Scientist recommended this book to me. I read it in a weekend.
Written by Daniel Nettle, a British behavioural scientist, it goes into the pedagogy of personality measurement discovering that all the way back to 1884, natural language was considered a sensible and obvious way to measure personality. The author has done a wonderful job of bringing personality to life, using real case studies and people he has interviewed as part of his research to descriptively illustrate the continuum of the Big 5 traits in personality.

What I learnt from it

Everyone has all the 5 traits just as everyone has a height or weight. Where we differ is the magnitude. One takeaway for me was that “conscientiousness is the most reliable personality predictor of occupational success as opposed to the personality requirements of a particular job”. Nettle weaves in the heritability of personality traits and shows how the variation between people’s personalities helps preserve our species. There is neither good nor bad in where you stand in the personality trait scales. What is important is knowing one’s personality and gaining a higher level of individual agency over one’s life, making better choices in key life decisions like selecting what to study, what career to pursue, and whom to marry.

Harnessing big data, and how ‘they’re’ spying on us!-Replica

Harnessing big data, and how ‘they’re’ spying on us!-Replica

Dataclysm: Christian Rudder

Why we love it

Compared to HR teams across the country, banks know a thing or two when it comes to managing risk. Which is funny, as l’d argue that hiring a staff member is a much riskier proposition for a business than a bank having one of its customers default on a loan.

What I learnt from it

Imagine if your bank lent you money with the same process that your average recruiter used to hire for a role.

Why it’s a must

The same form would include a lot of probing questions, such as: Will you pay this money back on time? When have you borrowed in the past and paid back on time?Describe a time that you struggled to repay a loan and what you did about it?

Who should pay attention to this

Then, assuming your form piqued their interest, they would bring you in for one on one meeting with the the bank manager. That manager would grill you with a stern look, asking same questions.


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