LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I am not always comfortable in highlighting my strengths and this was a good reminder of them.

This is amazing feedback and mostly spot on. Thanks very much for closing the loop.

Some things you literally nailed on the head and others not so much. I can very much be an introvert but when around people I'm comfortable with I can be quite the extrovert. I have no problems leaving home at home when I walked into work, but struggled leaving work at work. I have absolutely been on a journey these past 2 years and feel like I could be a good fit for your company, although it would end up costing me. I'd come home with plants instead of income lol.

Nice to get more insight into myself. As stated I love to strive to be self aware so this aids in that. If I’m not successful in pursuing a role and a career through this I’m sure it will assist with my other career opportunities. Thanks!

This feedback was really useful. It described my personality accurately(which was a bit spooky ) however I really value that advise that it gave me. Being more assertive and voicing my opinion is an area that I need to work on.

As this was my first online application,I value all feedback to help me better understand my strengths and weaknesses.

While generally I have no real issue with the results, I do feel that given the limited wordage I did not always have the opportunity to fully inform the questionnaire. I have always been available and happy to discuss issues with colleagues and peers, taking into consideration their thoughts and experiences and if relevant adopting a different approach to the job at hand. I have also been able to juggle competing priorities and have worked well within time frames. I would also prefer not to confront a situation but to approach a disagreement or conflict in a manner which would hopefully resolve the situation in a manner where a workable relationship is maintained. Many thanks for the feedback - I will take the tips on board. Kind regards Gabi Taylor

This is really helpful and shows what kind of things or jobs I would be good in etc.

was very interesting reading what you thought of who i am base on my application. There was some truth in most of the statement made except the last statement about the privileges. What i do for other, as little or big even the tiny i do it with love just love which make it easy and i seek or ask for nothing in return cause the more i give of myself and love another as myself i have no need to look for reward or think i am better or worst in anyway. Thank you for your time 8-).

Yes it was useful because explained about my personality and some sides maybe i never thought before thanks

thank you for your feedback.

The feedback felt very personal and super accurate, when I reflect on myself & my qualities.

Helps me to improve in my self

This is very true for how It shows myself so I’m pleased that it comes across.. i Really found this to be very useful

Great feedback.Good to read.

It helps me to improve myself about expressing my skill and knowledge in an interview

Very interesting and insightful comments. Plus helpful feedback and useful advice

I don't feel this useful. I sound like a people pleaser, which I am not.

Thank you for your email. I did find it useful as it has made me really think about my workplace and personal life by self reflecting. I feel since reading this, I have stepped up in a few different situations including at work where I had stepped up in a temporary lead role. Personally, I have been practicing speaking my mind and let go of toxic friendships and make decisions more easily. Thank you.

All training is positive and to not be afraid to ask any questions to more experienced people is extremely important. Things can turn out alot worse by guessing and other peoples experience or advice, used proactivly, makes a more confident and effective worker who can also pass on their knowledge to others to help them.

I found this useful because it gives me an idea of my general morals and I find this can help me make better decisions in the work place.

This is really helpful especially coming from a third party it helps one stick to the good that’s done and even do more.

Thank you for the feedback, I feel that it is pretty accurate and the advice is greatly appreciated

It helps to build up and make people more confident about how to make best and convening way to address yourself with company and team members. Thank you for everything

This was very helpful and very true. I’ll definitely use the tips for my further.

This is great, it’s nice hearing an outside option on the things i can actively improve on

Wow! This is amazing. I recently decided to share some of my written content with close friends and family, Oh yes, I've been journaling for years, I am a non-fiction narrative writer, I say confidently in hopes that it sticks. After all their feedback I decided to start posting my stories on a site - blogging. So even your coaching tip was error-free. I needed this. To hear that my view point is valid. I am still working on my site with discipline :) thanks for this.

Yes a majority of what was said in the response was correct.

I love the useful information. It really makes me feel good hearing about the attributes that make me special. I thank you for this opportunity and to share my love and passion of customer service. I strive to be better and expect to make better decisions and choices.

I always find it good see how people look at you and what they are thinking this can only improve all manners of life for myself thanks

I've found it useful because now I know what areas I need to work on more

Thank you for feed back. You have given me food for thought. I will take on board what you have said. I appreciate your time. Thank you

It’s always good to understand the inner workings of oneself . It helps to maximise your true potential and set you right when perhaps you need a bit of a tweak or full in nudge !

I think they are all truth. All recommendation how to help myself are very true and will keep them in mind

The methodology you have used is unique & very interesting. As it was past midnight or likely 1am when I attended the "interview", I responded instantaneously whatever I can remember without deliberations. Interestingly, I must admit that your findings are accurate though I have never thought I am made of that....

I found the feedback very useful. T Valid points were made pertaing to my intellect. It has given me insight and I am definitely going to take the advice and better myself in certain areas. Thank you

Wow, it was extremely accurate I’m not sure how you did it!

To me no matter what obstacle come your way that there is always a to resolve it and the key point is how would you resolve the issue.

I found this useful because it gives me an idea of my strengths as well as what I can improve on.

This was useful because I like hearing other people’s thoughts about me.

I found the feed back very interesting and it’s so true about what the team said regarding myself.

What inspires us

Academic Research

Our data science team is always learning and experimenting which means they are closely connected to other research in this area around the world.

Data Science through the looking glass and what we found there

Data Science through the looking glass and what we found there


Why we love it

The authors are from Microsoft and they perform one of the largest analysis of Data Science projects to date, focusing on key information that helps both Data Science solution builders and practitioners alike. They analyse publicly accessible Python notebooks in GitHub and Machine Learning pipelines from a corporate Machine Learning platform, AnonSys. While some of the findings are not so surprising such as the 4-fold growth in number from 2017 to 2019, Python emerging as a de-facto standard for Data Science etc. some of the findings are quite interesting.

What I learnt from it

Some of the interesting findings include,
1) “Big” (i.e., most used) libraries are becoming “bigger”, consolidating well in the DS field.
2) Deep Learning is becoming more popular, yet accounts for less than 20% of DS today.
3) Analysis of the top libraries and top transformers used in Data Science pipelines points to how text, a source of unstructured data, is being tapped in to.
Above all, it is fascinating to see how Data Science/Machine Learning is becoming a ubiquitous technology.

Why it’s a must

The paper uncovers the current state and a number of trends in the Data Science/Machine Learning field. These trends provide practitioners with a good indication on which technology or libraries they should invest their time in.

Who should pay attention

DS/ML practitioners


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