LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Wow I liked how my responses showed me exactly my personality traits. 4 stars

I did not expect feedback on my answers, it was insightful and helpful - thank you.

Thank you. This reflection and synopsis is very helpful!

I found this useful because it gives me an overview of my attitude and personality towards work and I know were to improve.

Very interesting information was provided.

Helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses better so I can improve

Pretty much OK except for 6. As a police officer you have no rights to rewards or privilidges and you expect none. I was a successful police officer and visible signs of success mean little and offer nothing. I am happy with who I am and who I was. I did it for 22 years with great success. Thanks, .jc.

Always happy to hear when people think of me I will take it all on board

Wow describes me really well

I found the feedback very useful as it allowed me to further understand my strengths as well as areas in which I need improvement . It was very educational and I would highly recommended to friends. Thank you

i appreciate the points highlighted and take the advice on board. ihope to hear back from you soon regarding the job oppertunity. Many thanks. Zaren

This gave me an insight on how to be a better person in the workplace but also in relationships.

Thank you so muck for your answer and the tips you give me. There are very useful.

I found the coaching tips very helpful, it was great asvice

This information was useful because its helps to identify where I could improve on my existing strength to be more assertive to lift my team and transfer into other aspects of my working / home lives. Thank you for your help from another perspective.

Feedback from the questions can help improve the way I interpret and do things.

Interesting reading, thanks, much appreciated.

interesting to get an insight as others see me. Good things to take on board.

Very useful and wise advice.

I always enjoy and welcome others assessments of myself. I believe my former roles as union delegate for 11 years as well as my roles as senior analyst have given me confidence, a sensible grounding and ethical code which I believe can be used in all work industries. I enjoyed experiencing this written form of interview but found it a little strange considering the role I applied for within Bunnings is a customer service role based within a large team with high customer interaction. I look forward to hopefully advancing in the interview process and meeting with someone so they can achieve a more precise assessment and understanding of my qualities. Have a wonderful day and please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Sanjay

I know what i have to change to be successful

Hey thanks for sharing views and this is really grateful and useful behaviour in corporate culture.

Very nice assessment through answers I have provide, thanks for the tips though they will surely helpful in future.

I like feed back it's me thank you

As it's seems all that you mentioned is so true and amazing, It's out work is really me. It helps me to explain how hard I really work , passion of my work.

I found this experience very helpful and was lovely to see how I come across to others.

I found it to be correct and honest. And I can work on some of the points that were made . Thanks 🙏

I found this useful, as it helps me to understand how I can improve for my future. Thank you.

Yes I did find this useful definitely because it shows me how to improve

I found this very useful as it’s gave me an insight of my actions and how it can be put into words

I love having feedback on how I improve on myself so any insight is great. This was a very positive surprise for me as I am not aware of any other company doing this.

I found this useful


Great feedback. Very accurate. Would listen and take aboard feedback received. Would give myself more gratitude and will find the strength to say No.

It is useful because the employer gets to know the potential employee before the actual interview

Seeing more insight about myself Helped me see some parts of me that will help fit into this world.

Yes it's made me to think about what I to improve on .

Makes you feel welcome, and its nice to get feeback

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Often referenced in our own blogs and scientific papers, these are deep dives on NLP /ML, predictive analytics, personality assessment and HR tech trends.

Harnessing big data, and how ‘they’re’ spying on us!-Replica

Harnessing big data, and how ‘they’re’ spying on us!-Replica

Dataclysm: Christian Rudder

Why we love it

Compared to HR teams across the country, banks know a thing or two when it comes to managing risk. Which is funny, as l’d argue that hiring a staff member is a much riskier proposition for a business than a bank having one of its customers default on a loan.

What I learnt from it

Imagine if your bank lent you money with the same process that your average recruiter used to hire for a role.

Why it’s a must

The same form would include a lot of probing questions, such as: Will you pay this money back on time? When have you borrowed in the past and paid back on time?Describe a time that you struggled to repay a loan and what you did about it?

Who should pay attention to this

Then, assuming your form piqued their interest, they would bring you in for one on one meeting with the the bank manager. That manager would grill you with a stern look, asking same questions.


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