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Harnessing big data, and how ‘they’re’ spying on us!-Replica

Harnessing big data, and how ‘they’re’ spying on us!-Replica

Dataclysm: Christian Rudder

Why we love it

Compared to HR teams across the country, banks know a thing or two when it comes to managing risk. Which is funny, as l’d argue that hiring a staff member is a much riskier proposition for a business than a bank having one of its customers default on a loan.

What I learnt from it

Imagine if your bank lent you money with the same process that your average recruiter used to hire for a role.

Why it’s a must

The same form would include a lot of probing questions, such as: Will you pay this money back on time? When have you borrowed in the past and paid back on time?Describe a time that you struggled to repay a loan and what you did about it?

Who should pay attention to this

Then, assuming your form piqued their interest, they would bring you in for one on one meeting with the the bank manager. That manager would grill you with a stern look, asking same questions.


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