LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I did find this great information about my self, altho i dont not fully agree i will take this on board for the future.

Very interesting you have confirmed what I already know. I agree sometimes in life the role or the jobs that we take on don’t always help make us better people. Often dealing with other people can give a sense of feeling good factor when you know you have made that person smile or just made there day s little easier. Working in a store would also help me as I like to be active.

It has given me plenty of feedback which can only help me improve myself and how others see me.

It has made me feel a lot more confident , it is completely honest and honesty is always the best way to go about things.

I found this useful because it helped me learn more about myself and how to improve myself as an person. If I were to be invited for an interview for Iceland, I would feel confident to express my opinion on how I can apply myself and my qualities successfully to this job role.

Great and innovative survey

I found useful as information you given me is true and does help me long the way.

I found your feedback to be really honest and it more or less describes me to the t. I already shop at Iceland but just wondering if I was successful

Thank you. I was quite satisfied in the results you conveyed to me. Regards, Ruby Bahl

I am interested in what other people think of me. However, I am very disappointed at not going forward with my application to join Iceland even though it was a part time opportunity. Maybe they will think again about me I do hope so.

I found this process very insightful and the information feedback useful

I didn’t find this useful. I was applying for a job not a personality test.

It has made me take another look at myself with a more positive attitude.

You gave me some feedback that I was over the moon with u got that perfect on ur view on me .

Great to see your insights and be able to look at areas you can improve. I think you should always look to be a better person in everything you do.

Iam confident, I lead conversations and i do express my point of view.

Learning is good tho , we can get to about new stuffs .

Thanks for the feedback. That’s great to know about myself. I’m amazed this result come from doing my interview.

This is so awesome to hear about.

Always useful to find out how others see you

I found this very useful..the reason being..helped me to open myself..felt confident.

Thank-you for the kind insights, I will start coaching myself to reflect and take action on the notes added.

This was a lovely and insightful experience! Thank you so much :)

The insights literally gave me my own insights to who I am as a person, a worker and a leader. Extremely useful and although I knew some of what was written it really does open my eyes to my own potential especially with the coaching tip about my opinion matters. Thank you.

Reading the feedback it felt like an accurate description of myself. I’m going to keep a copy and keep in mind everything said in order to better myself and prepare for future interviews. Thank you

I found it interesting to read your insights based on my online interview. I welcome any feedback that will help me succeed in a career or life in general. I will consider all of the coaching points and hope that I get chance to demonstrate my ability to adapt and be open minded within one of your teams.

This feedback was so spot on it scared me Lol.Everything that was said is very true and it was interesting reading how people might perceive me.This is honestly very helpful ,thank you.

Very good to have good and bad traits documented for future reference . Thank you.

Some great tips and also some coaching points to consider and think about going into the future.

I found this useful because it tells me what I can do better with my job and do better with my goals

It's nice to get feedback on how ppl see you.and also how you can improve or deal with a situation or something in a different way,maybe to take on board a new way of getting things done or achieved. Always good to learn new things or ways of doing things

Thank you for your feedback My only concern on your advise is listening to others before making decisions I would say is my main strength. Listening to colleagues and discussing all options and opportunities together as a team Working out solutions together is imperative not only for the customer but for all of the team working together

Thank for providing me with the opportunity to do this personal review and for providing me with this ‘on the dot’ feedback. Sincerely Bill Crane

It made me look from another perspective. I look forward to meeting you. Thanks.

I found this useful as it can allow me to progress and understand my weaknesses for me to expand on and become better at in the future when applying to other jobs.

Because 1st I love driving n I love new people I love working hard I always Iceland

Very interesting and strange finding out about stuff I didn't recognise about myself

I must grab this aportunity for us tomorrow and to help everyone.

This is a very good and very true about me and my personality I was quite surprised how accurate it is Thank you

What inspires us


Totally non-curated and merely a collation of the team's diversity and diverse reading habits.

How Smart Machines Think

How Smart Machines Think

Author: Sean Gerrish

Why we love it

Because this was recommended by Matt, one of our awesome advisors. It has everything you’ve always wanted to know about self-driving cars, Netflix recommendations, IBM’s Watson, and video game-playing computer programs.

Google Books Write-Up

The future is here: Self-driving cars are on the streets, an algorithm gives you movie and TV recommendations, IBM’s Watson triumphed on Jeopardy over puny human brains, computer programs can be trained to play Atari games. But how do all these things work? In this book, Sean Gerrish offers an engaging and accessible overview of the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning that have made today’s machines so smart.

Gerrish outlines some of the key ideas that enable intelligent machines to perceive and interact with the world. He describes the software architecture that allows self-driving cars to stay on the road and to navigate crowded urban environments; the million-dollar Netflix competition for a better recommendation engine (which had an unexpected ending); and how programmers trained computers to perform certain behaviors by offering them treats, as if they were training a dog. He explains how artificial neural networks enable computers to perceive the world—and to play Atari video games better than humans. He explains Watson’s famous victory on Jeopardy, and he looks at how computers play games, describing AlphaGo and Deep Blue, which beat reigning world champions at the strategy games of Go and chess. Computers have not yet mastered everything, however; Gerrish outlines the difficulties in creating intelligent agents that can successfully play video games like StarCraft that have evaded solution—at least for now.

Gerrish weaves the stories behind these breakthroughs into the narrative, introducing readers to many of the researchers involved, and keeping technical details to a minimum. Science and technology buffs will find this book an essential guide to a future in which machines can outsmart people.


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