LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This told me a great deal about my personality and how I can build on the positive traits I have! This improved my confidence greatly.

Thank you for providing me with the personality profile summary. I found it interesting to have an outside perspective, and will reflect on the coaching points you've provided.

i found this very useful as it can help me in a working environment, for example speaking up more in a group.

Its interesting as people see me as candid and having an opinion. I shall work on speaking my mind more! Thanks.

Brilliant, thank you for the extra steps you take to make your staff/potential staff feel special... A rare treat

This feedback is positive and constructive. It will help with further work and personal experience.

Thank you thank you so much for the personality

Very good tool for personal growth love it!!!

I found your results interesting and will be useful.I do disagree with a comment in insight 2 about only looking at the big picture, I always take into account the minor details and try ensure I have the correct info to get the job completed correctly and safley.

The feedback given is definitely on point and I cannot dispute anything. It's great than you can tell the type of person I am by just answering a few questions.

Nearly Perfect.

It was helpful and constructive feedback delivered in a considerate manner.

Impressed, very accurate!

It says a lot from the five questions I'm actually shocked from the results (in a good way) and I've took a note on the coaching tips. Very insightful thanks

This gave me a good understanding of myself and in what areas I need to improve as a person. Thank you.

Thanks for giving me chance to explain my strengths...

It’s inspired me and get more knowledge about the job. Thank you very much

This was great feedback and basically tells me what most of my friends and family say and previous teachers .

After all these years I have something reflects who I am, and that is a good thing.

I have never in the history of being employed received feedback in this form. Every part of this feedback is exactly who I am and portray to others. I do have weaknesses that I am aware of and your feedback/profile is spot on. This has been useful and provides a guide to improve myself and what steps to take immediately to move forward to becoming a stronger leader and trusted colleague. Thank you

I thought this was helpful to learn how people perceive me.However I thought insight 3 was wrong,I'm very sociable and approachable, I am easy to be friends with.

It's slightly strange to get an insight to how people perceive you from an on line application, rather than face to face interview as it's obviously more instantaneous and to the point. I think we all have strengths and weaknesses that we can improve on, whether I'm successful or not with my application it has been a good insight to how I'm perceived and what I can improve on, so thank you for the opportunity to take this interview, it has been very enlightenin.

Because it’s built my confidence because I now know what people would think of me.

Wow, that sums me up well.

It has made me learn more about myself and in greater depth. It’s made me look at different perspectives regarding my personality and way of doing things.

Always happy to gain another perspective and insight on me from others. It's all about growing and being a better person one day at a time, whilst maintaining your dignity and willingness to take that step forward each day. But I'm sure no one will actually end up reading it, however thanks for the boost.

Proabably 70 percent right which is pretty interesting. It matches about that amount when cross reffed off a DISC profile.

It was interesting to read another persons view about myself. Things I never even realised.

One of best way to get to know the prospective employees work ethics..

It's useful to me because it taught me how to handle some situations in creative, professional and how quickly to do so.i have learned to be open when dealing with problems differently

Nice to have some positive feedback and constructive feedback.

This made me feel good about myself and more aware of my strengths and personality traits

Thank you for your feedback Its pretty much spot on Your action plan is what i am actually working on them at the moment even before i had these results My actions to myself are to speak up sometimes no is the answer

Fabulous! it was a great way to show key aspects of my personality and qualities

I think the feedback was very useful as it was an accurate judgement of my personality and it reflects my work ethic and gives me something to work towards in the future.

Thanks for the feedback. I found it very useful and encouraging. I always doubtful about myself, it is so good to hear what and how people see in me. The coaching tips particularly help me working on my skills for future reference.

I found the personality profile to be pretty accurate 😂👍

The feedback was professional and I do take all compliments and advise very wisely.This will help me grow and become a better person when I receive another job in the future.

1. I am solution orientated at all times - not from time to time. I'm am extremely outgoing and open at all times to new ideas. 2. I am always diligent and disciplined and always deliver a quality service - not in most situations. Decisions are always considered and thought through - not usually. Please refer to my referees. 3. I am always a very positive person with a sunny disposition, not almost. Again, refer to my referees at Landgate whom have worked alongside of me for 6 years. 4. I am always patient, not likely patient. 5. I am more than reasonably aware of my own and in particular other person's feelings. I am extremely intuitive and possess great empathy for other people and their situations. I can operate in stressful circumstances and still be open and friendly to co workers whilst getting the job done, as demonstrated during my 6 years at Landgate. I am concerned that this was initially put to me as a conversation with no right or wrong answers, yet I have been scored a percentage and now it is being a called a personality test. I do believe that there has been a lack of transparency. I would welcome the opportunity to speak to a consultant to further discuss the above and hear your feedback. Kind regards, Val 0400 238 009

Excellent assessment, thanks for the information.

This was a really nice review and insight for me. I will take the feedback and reflect.

I have been able to know my areas of strength and weaknesses and traits I need to have as a person as to be able to render the best of services to my customers despite any odds.

I feel more confident. Thank you

Looking at my feedback has really given me great insight on what I need to work on and things I'm already strong in. Most of the feedback I got I already knew but reading it again really helped me understand it more I would definitely recommend the use of this software.

Hi. When will I find out if I've been successful?

What inspires us

Academic Research

Our data science team is always learning and experimenting which means they are closely connected to other research in this area around the world.

Personality, Gender, and Age in the Language of Social Media: The Open-Vocabulary Approach

Personality, Gender, and Age in the Language of Social Media: The Open-Vocabulary Approach


Why we love it

These two papers highlight how incredibly one’s personality can be inferred from their language use and how these inferred personality profiles can be used to find the best congruence between one’s personality and personality demand of jobs. These papers in fact provided us inspiration and a benchmark for our own ‘language use to personality’ model.

Links and


What I learnt from it

It was in fact scary at first to see how much we give away in our conversations about who we are. After coming into terms with that, it was encouraging for the DS side of me to see how open-vocabulary approaches can outperform the dictionary-based closed-vocabulary approaches used in previous studies in modelling language use. On the other hand, when these models are applied to Tweets from different professionals, it is amazing to see how different professions have different personality signatures. I can personally vouch for high openness and low agreeableness among top open-source developers.

Why it’s a must

These two pieces of research reaffirm the importance of congruence between one’s personality and job/career. As Denissen et al. (2018) put it, “economic success depends not only on having a ‘successful personality’ but also, in part, on finding the best niche for one’s personality”. In evaluating this congruence, one’s language use can reveal a lot about him/her and machine learning models can model complex non-linear relationships between personality and personality demand of jobs.

Who should pay attention

ML/DS practitioners, HR professionals, Personality junkies


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