LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this very useful it did say alot about me and I could recognise it in the way I work and come across to other people.

you have some great tools keep up the good work I enjoyed what the outcome came from this questionere

i think it was a great way of figuring yourself out in a way, really amazing.

It sounds so accurately like me. I'm impressed! And a bit creeped out as well hahaha.

I found the feedback really constructive and helpful going forward when working in a team environment or with people directly

I find this incredibly useful, it is so accurate to my personality and I feel it allows me to look at myself from an outside perspective and understand the person I am.

The coach tip has confirmed to me that when I,m in a stressful situation that I shouldn't be making decisions whilst in conflict. I agree with all the insight points some areas are stronger than others. But I would also mention that I'm a very faithful person which I learnt from my mother.

I found this useful as I can understand from someone else’s point of view how I am and what I should improve on

I honestly didn't expect to receive a response like this. It very insightful and appreciated. Thank

As a mum and grandparent, i have always put everyone else first, not that I would have it any other way but seeing the advice written down to take a bit of time for myself has made me realise it isn't a bad thing to do and will probably benefit me in the long run. Thank you

Interesting, helps to build my personality.

How do I improve myself, that will help me secure employment. Thankyou Sandy

It was very nice to get some feed back thank you very much 😃

I don't know that I agree with my profile in it's entirety. For the most it is accurate but implies I lack working in a team and slow to be productive. For many years I was a sole trader as well as having worked for many small businesses that do not have a corporate structure, therefore did not have the opportunity to work in teams. The last business I worked in for ~four years consisted of four departments, we did have weekly team meetings to assists each other in progressing with services to our customer base.

This was useful as it included areas in which I can improve on which is beneficial for future experiences.

I found it useful because it tells me more of what i must work harder at.

To be honest I feel really good at shopping in iceland and also I am looking forward to work with iceland team.

I found this useful because it was interesting, but it couldn't have been more wrong regarding certain points! Specifically the part about confidence! I am incredibly confident! There were at least 2 more inaccurate points, but I won't go into them at this time. Thank you!

This description was actually very spot on! It gave an almost perfect description of me and with that being said I am more interested in taking the feedback advice given.

I always find personally insights very helpful :)

It’s interesting to hear from someone else how I come across and how I can improve 😊

I feel this will help me to include my useful traits in further CVs!

you have hit the nail on the head it dose sound like me

Its described me almost perfectly, and I will use the feedback for future reference :) thank you

I have taken a lot of psychometric tests ie Miles Briggs etc. They , i feel re affirm a lot of traits and allow some self examination and reflection in order that you can modify or change to become more effective. We can all use an opportunity to improve our performace

Feel very confident in myself hoping to get employment due to i want to get back in the work force

I'm more aware of my strengths now and also my weaknesses, this will help me to challenge myself in the right direction and help me make better choices

thank you very much for your insight I am always happy and open minded to new ideas and opportunities as I am a humble person and always respect somebody's opinion.

It was a great experience and thank you so much I read it and enjoyed it

This has made me feel more independent and would really like to work at Iceland

It equips me and helps me express my strength in order to find a suitable job for me

Hi I did find your feed back useful thank you

I have done a number of these over the years,Myers-Briggs makes me a ISTJ and another gives me a SC, good to know to a degree it does not chnage much.

its good

It’s good to get an insight of how someone who only knows about me from the questions asked and my feed back thank you

It gives me a clear indication what am capable of as a young lady as well as to what I can do and achieve in life

I like to think I have come across as a team player that works well with others and that I am enthusiastic. I do reserve judgement but I can act on my own initiative and step up when needed.

Your insights sound exactly like me

Thank you it seems like you have know me a long time my family and especially my grand kids when on e boy Jai told that his bunnings are opening soon which was the bunnings store in rydalmere. I have written a story about my grand kids got lost in bunnings

I did not find this useful as that some of the insights in the HEXACO Model are not correct, in fact, I am the exact opposite. If this is the reason that I didn't progress any further with my application, I am extremely disappointed, as this does not reflect my true personality.

This is great and wonderfully uplifting , when is it never a good feeling when you receive an insight of your self that is lovely.

I found your results interesting and will be useful.I do disagree with a comment in insight 2 about only looking at the big picture, I always take into account the minor details and try ensure I have the correct info to get the job completed correctly and safley.

Insights are reasonably accurate and informative. Tips are always beneficial and worth noting.

I actually adore work functions....they're so much fun. I don't get this particular thing in me that you found 🤔 x

I found the coaching tips specially useful.

I think this was useful because it’s shows me things about myself which I will take on board . And build on this for the future .

What inspires us

Academic Research

Our data science team is always learning and experimenting which means they are closely connected to other research in this area around the world.

Personality testing in employment settings: Problems and issues in the application of typical selection practices

Personality testing in employment settings: Problems and issues in the application of typical selection practices

Why we love it

This paper just nails everything that is wrong with traditional psychometric testing for hiring.It is great to read a visionary paper published in 2001 that foresaw all these issues almost 20 years earlier.

What I learnt from it

Some of the issues highlighted are,

  1. the (in)appropriateness of linear selection models;
  2. the problem of personality-related self-selection effects;
  3. the multi-dimensionality of personality;
  4. bias associated with social desirability, impression management, and faking in top-down selection models; and
  5. the legal implications of personality assessment in employment contexts.

Why it’s a must

Before fixing the issues of traditional psychometric testing for hiring, is it important to understand and acknowledge them. It also feels really good to see how PH’s approach solves some of these issues. We use machine learning models that are able to model complex non-linear relationships. Moreover, complex multi-dimensional relationships between the hiring outcome and not just personality, but rather a broad range of signal variables are LEARNT by our models. We use a chat-like text-based conversation to assess candidates and have noticed how hard it is to game such a system compared to MCQs used in psychometric testing. With regard to bias in our models, we constantly evaluate our models for gender and ethnicity bias and remediate such biases.

Who should pay attention

CHROs, Hiring managers, Talent Acquisition teams


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