LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thanks for your feedback, I gonna work harder to be in the leader’s chair.

Insights 1 through 5 are useful and I agree with them, Not so sure with insight 6; I do get bogged down sometimes by other people's problems ...something that I need to work upon. In the coaching tip, I especially appreciate the second bullet ; a bit unclear as to what is meant by ' balance that by variety outside the work' ...

Its very easy to use and very helpful

I found it useful because I was not stressful

It made me feel like my application is being taken seriously and taken under consideration and gave good advice

Great positive feedback

very useful info! excited to work towards improvement in some areas.

I'm happy and positive and glad uses shared how I feel as a person. I keen to work hard and achieve my goals and prove what I can offer to qantas.

Very insightful. Thank you so much.

It was great to receive this and very accurate. Nice to receive something positive and unexpected.

It helps not only in job and career growth, but also in a personality development and social attributes . Great one !

The information was very handy and useful and to give you an insight of what working for Iceland is all about

SOme of this is correct although being private and reserved I wouldn’t say isn’t an accurate description as I am very sociable and outgoing. This has been a good experience anyways hope to hear back soon

I found this useful as it can allow me to progress and understand my weaknesses for me to expand on and become better at in the future when applying to other jobs.

you've made me more aware in areas I need to work in which would be helpful for not only employment but daily life , I shall now try my best and reflect from this feedback

It was very useful

I found it useful as it helps with knowing how to approach good standards

It really captured who I am really well and the tips were helpful. Thank you for the insights.

It was nice to hear what you felt about me and my abilities for future reference

Gave me the encouragement to say exactly how I felt at that particular time

thank you, I did like what was written about me, and yes, I do always try to build rapport and work well with others.

I know I'm a reliable worker I do try to get along with everyone I work with which is as you know not something easy to do as everyone has there own opinions of people but I also know that I can improve on a lot of things and I'm hard working and quick to learn new and improved skills

I found this very useful to develope myself in the way I work and with working with colleagues

This questionnaire is very important to understand some day to day life matters and where you are in a such situation. Everybody need each other’s help to carry out their work and achieve goals. So, this questionnaire eventually helped me to understand who I am I, and where I am at now, what should I do in the future.

Hi, I agree with most of your insights into me. Personally I would not have thought that I would use flattery to influence others, but if that's my answers point to then I have learned something about myself. John.

Thank you, I will take that advice on and carry it on my sleeve.

Thanks to your feedback. Your tips is very useful for me to improve and enhance by ability to work in team environment. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your feedback, It was intriguing because there were many elements that fit my personality. I appreciate your response and take your suggestions on board.

Because it really helps to know me better as I want to be part of the company

Yes, I'm overwhelmed by having positive response about my personality, most of all seeing my personality put into words explained the acknowledgement of what type of keen and enthusiastic worker I am, within the work space of other team members

I found the feedback really insightful. Thank you For instance the comment :"'You seem to be imaginative and enjoy creative work ": Never thought myself as creative & imaginative. This made me think, I'm not creative in the art sense but in a financial & leadership sense, it is true ! Thanks for recognising this ! I do find different ways to solve issues and try to think 'out of the box' where situation warrants it. When working with people I do try different approach with different team members depending on their personality and work style. Thank you Regrards, Lynda

I now know what I can build upon to better myself both personally and professionally,

Very usefully in the feed back thank you I’ll take on board some of the things you’ve mentioned.

Wow I agree with most of your insight. I do allow my own opinion be heard but I like to hear fresh ideas from others too.

Interesting and informative. Some good points to look at and adjust.... Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Feedback is always useful to hear from others their opinions, and let others to improve what they are doing. thank you very much for gave to me some feedback I appreciate it.

Because it will help me know my faults and where to improve. I am a hard working individual who is eager to take up any challenge that comes my way and develop more skills and always willing to learn. I take pride in work and will always go the extra mile to ensure I get the desired results.

Thank you for the results, and your suggestions. I will take it onboard and work on improvement

It's very valuable to have a non-biased view of myself from an outside source as it's a learning experience that lets me know how I can do better in the future,

It's useful and true. It is beneficial to understand how I am seen as we don't often analyse ourselves.

It's always good to get feedback I can take praise or criticism it's nice to see yourself on paper!!

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