LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

There is a lot of the insights into me that are correct but some that are a million miles from correct after discussing these with my wife she also agrees.

Interesting perspective though I don't really agree with it as I always speak my mind as I'm doing right now, I'm not shy and definitely I'm not submissive, I'm polite and respectful but not to mistake it with lack of personality.

Pretty accurate apart from not realising that I don't always like routine. Tips were helpful and realistic.

I have learnt more about myself 😊

Wow, that was incredible. You nailed my personality type. Certainly some home truths there. Very clear to see which areas could do with some reflection and then improvement in order to snag my ideal job and then continue to enjoy it long term.

Apart from part of Insight 3, all seems a fair assessment. I think I am fairly easy to get to know, (although I don't suffer fools) participate in social events for work, in the past having organised them. But yes like to keep my private life, private. I will look at the 'Click Here' link later. Too many other e-mails to answer first

This really helped boost my confidence and motivate me, it has been a struggling year for everyone and hearing something that is positive really helps a lot thank you very much. :D

It’s always great to hear people say things that are actually true about me. It made me realize some of the things I have always been scared to admit about myself, I can own them from now onwards.

Some of the info was accurate and a good reflection on my personality. However, there are statements here that are completely inaccurate and Dino fit me at all.

Yes I've found the feedback very useful because I got to see the type of person I am at a place of work and getting it from another person's view and not mine.

Many thanks for the feedback - absolutely spot on !

This is very useful to me, Guys! I really appreciate this feedback.

Hi and thank you for the constructive feedback, I am open to adapting to new ideas and routines, I believe I am a great match and being technically minded would be a good asset to Bunnings. Kind regards Brian

Very interesting and thank you. I do question #6 that is very different to who I am. And I am normally the first to put their hand up for a social get together and enjoy a party with the best if them. Thanks

It's really the first time I've had this type of questionnaire and found it enlightening

I found this feedback constructive and helpful as it told me where I excel and where Action needs to take place. therefore assisting in my possible role at Bunnings warehouse. Kind regards.

I really appreciate that and hope I here back from you ! I would love to be apart of the team

It’s interesting to see how others see me

I found the feedback useful because it makes me think how confident I am and all the things what I read I thought that’s me! 😁

Highly useful!!!! I don’t often get feedback from employers which is understandable as they may not have the time, but this was the one of the first that gave constructive feedback that I will be able to use in the future. Thank you!

It is nice to see from a different view what my strengths and areas for growth are in a more intellectual way

This was very interesting and pretty much summed up my personality. However, I am always open to other opinions and willing to here them out and will often adjust my opinions if I feel they are correct.

It is very useful feedback for me as I get to know how other people think of me.And it really says exactly how I am.It also motivates me to continue doing better and strive fo more excellence.

Im many ways i think you've got me right but in other no so i will fully take on board what you have said and learn from this thank you

This was awesome. Only way I can describe it tbh. I’m a bit amazed, all very accurate.

This feedback was very useful to me, I can understand myself better, improve myself, and become more confident and efficient in my life and in my job!

It was very helpful because I can focus on my weekness.

It is very useful because now I can see an know where an how I can improve an archieve my goals.

Wow I cant believe you can get so much information out of the short interview. The information I feel is a true reflection on what im like. Well done

The information was helpful to me as I can reflect on this and my insights and help me to navigate jobs suited to my insights.

I found the insights to be wonderfully accurate, and the coaching tip was great food for thought!

It was very helpful it helped to understand interview process to Iceland and it was great The information was great tips .

This was a very accurate description of myself and like how it was written.

It’s really good gets me prepaid for an interview

I found your appraisal quite correct in detailing my personality It’s very interesting having your personality traits analysed and broken down in to informative and constructive information

I feel happy and this is very useful for me because I can apply it in my life. Thank you for this suggestion, I really need it.

Thank you. I enjoyed reading my feedback and I will aim to keep the feedback in mind when making decisions in the future.

Nice. I think pretty accurate

I am team player and like to be part of the team. I give high attention for details to achieve a better results. I always seek help from others to improve my performance.

I found these coaching tips quite useful and it makes me reflect on how i can handle situations at work differently.

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