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Employee Turnover Cost Calculator
Employee Turnover Cost Calculator – Excel Template
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11 Essential things to know about employee turnover - PredictiveHire Infographic
11 Essential things to know about employee turnover – Infographic
Employee Turnover: The hidden cost crippling business | PredictiveHire White Paper
Employee Turnover: The hidden cost crippling business
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Predictive Screening - Better material for your gut instinct | PredictiveHire SlideShare
Predictive Screening – Better material for your gut instinct
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the candidate experience like?

We understand the importance of consistent candidate experiences that reflect your individual company. The PredictiveHire survey achieves a 99.4% completion rate. It scores an average of 8.5 out of 10 for enjoyability and engagement, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

How is PredictiveHire different to psychometric tests?

The PredictiveHire model uses artificial intelligence data science to correlate behaviours and biodata with actual performance in an individual company. It’s unique to each customer and predicts against your core KPIs. It’s also a machine learning model, so it becomes more accurate with additional data and use.

Is this ‘big data’?

A PredictiveHire model is the opposite of big data – the best model is one that makes accurate predictions for your individual company. It doesn’t make sense to base your hires on huge amounts of information from everyone else’s businesses, too. The PredictiveHire model is created from your unique workforce data and KPIs, and therefore gives you an accurate prediction of a candidate’s performance in your company.

If we’re recruiting for fit, what about diversity?

The culture of a company is determined by a lot more than gender, race and age. So, whatever the criteria for creating your company’s culture, the PredictiveHire model predicts the likelihood of a new candidate fitting right in, regardless of where they come from.

What about privacy?

We are extremely aware of preserving privacy. All data collected is de-identified in accordance with section 16 of the external Privacy Policy

What about data security?

We are also obsessive about data security. We employ a 128-bit security and encryption system, the same security that banks use. All data is de-identified and anonymous.

Can we (legally) ask that?

Survey questions are verified by industrial and organisational (IO) psychologists to exceed company thresholds for anti-discrimination.

Is there someone to talk to if we have a question?

Absolutely. You can ask tech support questions 24/7 via our customer portal or via your dedicated Customer Success Manager. For other questions, contact us here.

Can you work in other languages?

Yes. In addition to English, we also support Spanish, German, French and Italian. We can include new languages in 2 weeks.

Still have some questions?