LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I'm impressed with how accurate the results were. Good job guys :)

Certain parts of the insight was exactly me which I found interesting from the answers I gave

wow! that could have been written by ME. it is quite accurate.

Thanks. I did hold senior management positions involving strict safety rules. Maybe this is why I still have the perfection trate as any mistake could have been fatal

It will make me look at how I do things and my approach to doing things in a new and different way , however I disagree with one part I feel more comfortable being around lots of different people not as this report says. It says that I am more comfortable in small groups

It was useful to see the "reading" of one's characteristics given by an objective observer; the coaching tips with suggested actions were most welcome!

Great work

It tells you what you are good at and where you could improve.

I will take on board the suggestions, very clever software.

I've learned some of the things i did not know about myself, with the advise at hand i pledge on using it as i have gained more insight

I found this useful because it made me realise areas that I need to improve on and has shown me characteristics that I didn’t know I had.

Getting feedback being either positive or negative allows a person to adapt and or implement changes to better themselves to suit the environment in which they could be employed in.

After reading the email, I think I got more extra things for me that I havent thought even. Its gave a extra strength for face to an interview

Hi, thanks for your evaluation report. It’s been a surprise for me since you caught me very well with 80 percent accuracy, at least.

I enjoy Personal development and growth. How others perceive me and what I do are important to me and help me to build further relationships with others.

It gave an ACCURATE report of who I am and will be very useful when it comes to job applications.

Thank you so much, it was great to get the feedback and you nailed it in regards to the person i am. I love the idea of the tip at the bottom of the page. It puts out good vibes

Majority was accurate. I was surprised #2 came through as I thought I mentioned enjoying small details. Overall good.

Thank you for the feedback, I feel that it is pretty accurate and the advice is greatly appreciated

Yes it is. As we all know that result or feedback both are required for every individual because having that one come to know about his or her strengths and weaknesses.

I think this is the perfect description of my personality.

I have found this useful because it has allowed me to reflect on my actions and change where I need to.

Yes I have found this very usefull indeed. It would help me in the long run in terms of knowing what my strengths are and weaknesses

Found those reponses very useful. It explained me very well.

Made me aware of my strengths that I didn't know and also points out weaknesses on which I need to work on. Thanks alot

Very useful feed back which I can use in the future.

just good feed back

Thank you so much for your feedback. it's very useful and I can improve and give me ideas to make myself more great.thank you

Getting feedback from you with my attributes and such positive site about myself gives me more reason to accept working for your company

It’s good to hear positive opinions about you from public and people you know.

This helped me understand myself and my self confidence and to hear someone else’s views on me will definitely help me understand more about how to act around others

good advice very beneficial for future applications

it has shown me of my capabilities strong and weak points

The results I have received are a little up and down. Yes I love mixing with people and helping them when I can. I do avoid conflict but I do have strong morals and will not hesitate to speak out if something is wrong. I can adjust to change very well and willing to try anything new, especially if it's out my comfort zone.

The feedback I got was amazing. It was everything I was thinking but didn’t want to say. Thank you!

Being mindful of others and how to be helpful when changes occur

Thank you that was great feedback and have learnt a lot from this already. Yes sometimes being too comprising can but always be the right way and I understand that using my voice when it’s the right situation and done the right way is invaluable.

I have learned alot more about myself than I thought I did. And it really makes me have more confidence and the experience is good.

I found your results interesting and will be useful.I do disagree with a comment in insight 2 about only looking at the big picture, I always take into account the minor details and try ensure I have the correct info to get the job completed correctly and safley.

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