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Interview automation, candidate experience and fairer, faster hiring.

Recruiter perspective play

Recruiter perspective

Introduction to PredictiveHire - View here>

How does it work? play

How does it work?

Solutions Explained in 1m 30s - View here>

What is FirstInterview? play

What is FirstInterview?

It interviews everyone for you 👍 - View here>

Remote virtual interviewing platform play

Remote virtual interviewing platform

LiveInterview for assessment centres - View here>

What makes candidates feel THIS good? play

What makes candidates feel THIS good?

99% candidate satisfaction 😄 - View here>

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PeopleScout + PredictiveHire = Faster, fairer hiring

Supercharge your hiring by integrating PeopleScout and PredictiveHire. With the click of a button you can be hiring faster, fairer and better than ever before. Make a difference As the first gate to employment, the […]

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The new kind of battle in the war for talent

Before COVID, the conversations I was having with HR executives were about how PredictiveHire might help them with the volume of candidates they were receiving for job openings. For every job posted there were often […]

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Five steps you can take to help data build better DE&I outcomes

Creating an organisation that is inclusive, hires and promotes everyone equitably and has a diverse representation of people requires confronting uncomfortable truths and the confidence to navigate these with heart. The path to meaningful change […]

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