LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It gives a good insight and reflection about yourself.

Because I was given the greatest feedback for the amount of services that I have offered to any retailer.

Your description does fits and reflects my personality, my way of living within the community, my willingness and my eagerness to always make myself available to help and support others. Thank you very I will take into consideration your coaching tips to get even better.

It was interesting and mostly true. The coaching tip was relevant in that it provoked self reflection.

Was good to read and see an insight into ways your seen and what and where to improve or even change

Searching for work can be a drain on self esteem and a bit depressing , I appreciated getting feedback that was very positive It gave me a boost So Thank you 😊

Im many ways i think you've got me right but in other no so i will fully take on board what you have said and learn from this thank you

Thanks for the feedback the information was well received and informative Regards Stephen

I found this very useful, it sums me up perfectly.

The information is so accurate and I love learning on how to better myself

The personality test was very much just like me, I was surprised of its accuracy. The advice was very welcome to be more assertive. Thank you very much for your help in this matter, From Jannette Townson

Thank you very much I found this very useful because you was able to tell me any insights you learnt about me and I appreciate my insights are recognized you also gave me advice what to work on what is good advice for when I need to work with groups of people in the future.

This has been very helpful and will allow me to work on my weak spots.

This made me confident as a person , and made me self aware of my strengths , thank you

I feel this is very accurate about me and the couching tips are also good points that I will take on board to improve myself as much as I can

It shows you care about your employees

Was very interesting to see how I am perceived by my answers

Hi, this was very interesting to read 😂. Most of this was correct apart from the it taking a while to get to know me and not working well as a team. I get to know people and they get to know me very fast and I work great in teams as I love people.

Help me under how you see my personality

It left the experience with a feelgood factor. It made me think about the points covered and ask whether I think the information was a true reflection of myself.

Thanks for the feedback is was very good

This was amazing, best time well spent doing this application it has told me what i need to improve on

I found it useful because l like to learn new things everyday about myself and things in general.

The information provided gives positive direction and positive thought to assist and provoke a better means of working with others and reach targets in a favourable manner. Thank you for your guidance.

these insights are useful for maintaining my focus and esteem

I was pleased at how honestly I approached the answers because most of the feedback was spot on.

Good insight into my behaviour

I can not believe you got that from 5 questions got me, that is exactly what I am like.

A relatively good snapshot although I found the feedback very generic. My report was identical to my colleagues and we are rather different. I thought given the amount of time invested the report would have been more personalised and include more detail about me.

This is me thank you I feel like I am on the right path

I did find this helpful, thank you for the feedback so I understand myself more. The advantages of being sociable is that people will relate to you and understand you more and talk problems or solutions and also what you want to achieve with ideas. The disadvantage of being sociable is they may relax and go into comfort zone. Being positive usually rubs off onto other people and helps progress. Everyone in my team gets a voice to contribute as more ideas create more thinking. I have to admit I help others too much to achieve goals but that's my nature to succeed.

it helped me better understand myself and what I need to work on/improve within myself :)

All the insights were pretty much spot on and the tips have are going to help me so much and I continue to want to learn more and improve.

I feel this will help me to include my useful traits in further CVs!

It was very enjoyable to read based on my answers, very detailed and a good read!

This is amazing and absolutely spot on! I liked the coaching tips, and the reflection really got me thinking.

I have done a number of these personality tests, but I found this one in particular very helpful with me understanding my personality type. This will definitely help me moving forward in the work place. Thank you,

I can improve my self and the insights would really help me in the future

I have found this useful because it has allowed me to reflect on my actions and change where I need to.

This was very useful because i found out how my actions reflect on my personality and the person i am.

I enjoy constructive criticism. I will make sure to focus on these areas in order to improve.

Thanks for the results. I'm always amazed at how spot on they are! Most helpful to me as I've been self employed for a long time and hopefully an employer will find me an asset to their business.

The different insights I have recieved from my personality results, and the coaching tip 'actions' are very useful for me to be aware of my personality strengths in various workplace situations, and how to act effectively upon the downsides of my personality strengths

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