CVs are not truthful
FEATURED ARTICLE: 26 September 2019

Everybody lies

Everybody Lies is written by the person who had access to the largest text dataset ever, Google! In this book Seth Stephens-Davidowitz proves how good we are at lying even...

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AI displaces CVs
26 September 2019

A CV tells you nothing

This seems obvious but yet even today this is the key data source used in screening and hiring....

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Trust Equation
26 September 2019

No amount of surveys will change your culture

Just as no amount of diversity training will give you people who are less biased. As a company...

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AI to Manage Hiring Risk
27 February 2019

What can HR learn about risk management from banks?

The Royal Commission has brought about a lot of scrutiny on the banks, and for good reason. But...

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1 February 2019

Artificial intelligence will decide if you get an interview for your next job

By Jennifer Hewett, Australian Financial Review, 31 January The online questionnaire wants to know whether I respect and...

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12 June 2018

Did subconscious bias cost these recruiters £3m?

My CEO asked me to write a series of blogs, outlining my journey from a successful recruitment career...

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30 May 2018

AI in Talent: why every recruiter needs to care

Last week I had two conversations, one with my partner, the other with Barb, PredictiveHire’s new CEO. Both...

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25 May 2018

Sage Advice: How AI and Smarter Hiring Can Boost Your Business

Sage Advice: How AI and Smarter Hiring Can Boost Your Business In case you missed it: The other...

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22 May 2018

Hire Better People Faster

Do you wish you could harness the very best attributes of your people and just hire more of...

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