LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Will help me prepare for my interview

Great feedback and good guidance for self improvement.

You gave me some feedback that I was over the moon with u got that perfect on ur view on me .

I did find it useful as I've never had anything like this before when applying for a job, some of it I agree on and some not sure, I do like to talk and not just listen and I do enjoy being with groups of people and getting to know tham 😊

i found it useful as it has shown me my strengths and weaknesses, this tells me what to improve for the future.

I found your coaching tips to be quite facinating and can be useful for job interviews as this is my first on line interview

Yes, I found this very useful, asking sensible questions.

This was useful in a very small way but it didn't make it clear whether I was unsuccessful in my application for a role. Plea advise.

It's very interesting to do this questionnaire. And the result is pretty accurate.

It showed me how I can improve myself

This experience allowed me to learn more about myself and as well as areas to improve or action to do at the bottom of the feedback.

Very informative . It’s nice to get this kind of feedback To see how others perceive me , this is the first If it’s kind I’ve had since applying for jobs

Thanks. Its was useful to have feedback. A bit unsettling but has made me think that I have to examine aspects of myself to self improve. I believe that no change means staying in the same spot. Any sort of move/change can only eventuate after self change. Lots to consider.

Hi, I appreciate the coaching tip thank you. Self improvement is always my goal. I will take onboard and apply these recommendations.

I feel this was accurate from my past experiences and an interesting read.

It gave me some ideas of myself and where l can do some changes to make my work place and in my personal life a better one. Every day is a New experience so take advantage of new things in life and learn and be kind

It is good to see a summary of my skills and to see how to develop further.

It was interesting to see how other people see me and I will use your positive advice

I was unaware that i were to receive this response, however i did find it enlightening. I think subconsciously i realised some of my lesser strengths as identified and it is good to have it pointed out. To work on them is the next task.

Having never done this type of evaluation before, it shows areas I can develop and improve on. That is always helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

I found it very insightful ,I will always go back to this email to ensure that I fine tune the areas in which I am leaking , thank you

Hey guys I like the way that you guys have conducted this it shows different personalities in different workers and it’s good for you guys to calculate who you want working for you great job👍

This was useful as I could use it in many ways and it tells me how I am that quality.

It helps me to see all my strengths and weaknesses in the feedback you gave me and I can apply it to my own life and learn how to do better in various ways.

Very useful. I will use it to explains my strengths in an interview

I have never had any feed back from any any positions held so all of the responses are self taught and managed. .It was refreshing to have a different perspective given and some future guidance. Thank you

A good way of self reflection and to see how others may perceive me

Yes it was useful to see your response to my online interview. I'm happy with the way you have perceived my personality. Thank you

Very much appreciate your insight on my answers. I'd also agree with a lot of the constructive criticism. Impressed with the process, thanks.

I found this very useful as I enjoyed answering questions to the interview and enjoy that I feel like my answers have been really listened to

Wow that was impressive, though I like to think I as questions a lot and certain want instructions, so its done the right ways

It was great. I'm amazed that these insights could be gained from those questions and answers.

Because if other people tell me feedback that I don't know I always take it very useful because they see some otherside that I don't know that will improve myself in the near future and work on my weaknesses

Some very good and quite useful insights

Good to reflect on Myslef and see how others view me and how I work

The insights summary’s pretty well summed me up nicely! (already mostly shop at Bunnings!! )

Very useful feedback givining me a understanding of my responses

This helped me out a great deal because it gets me to learn about myself and be aware of change if needed for the position.

I like the personality test

I found the questions, asked very interesting and you have described my personality quite uncanny.

Kat Angelidis

Program Manager
Kat Angelidis

As a Solution Designer, Project Manager and Business Analyst in Enterprise Digital Transformation, Kat has significant experience within Talent Acquisition Operating Models & Technology. 

Solving complex problems using strategic and innovative ways of thinking, she implements end-to-end solutions spanning across the strategic, operational and transactional level. She is passionate about establishing strong organisational infrastructure through process and technology that enables the right people practices to prevail, and support those in HR positions of decision making. 

Leading Transformation agendas, her knowledge extends across Graduate, Experienced and Contingent talent, to drive significant Operating Model and Digitization projects across HR at a global scale. 

Kat is passionate about the future of the world, work and workforce, and the importance of innovation and creativity plays in it. As we progress towards Industry 5.0, she is excited about the role Technology plays in our lives and enables connection and communication, elevating the human at the heart of a digital world. 



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