Kat Angelidis

Program Manager
Kat Angelidis

As a Solution Designer, Project Manager and Business Analyst in Enterprise Digital Transformation, Kat has significant experience within Talent Acquisition Operating Models & Technology. 

Solving complex problems using strategic and innovative ways of thinking, she implements end-to-end solutions spanning across the strategic, operational and transactional level. She is passionate about establishing strong organisational infrastructure through process and technology that enables the right people practices to prevail, and support those in HR positions of decision making. 

Leading Transformation agendas, her knowledge extends across Graduate, Experienced and Contingent talent, to drive significant Operating Model and Digitization projects across HR at a global scale. 

Kat is passionate about the future of the world, work and workforce, and the importance of innovation and creativity plays in it. As we progress towards Industry 5.0, she is excited about the role Technology plays in our lives and enables connection and communication, elevating the human at the heart of a digital world. 



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